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Calling all PTC Learning Connector for Creo users! We want to hear from you.


Calling all PTC Learning Connector for Creo users! We want to hear from you.

PTC University is participating in a learning industry survey and we are looking for your feedback on how you are using PTC Learning Connector for Creo. Responses will be submitted anonymously, we only need to include your industry. If you would like to be included please answer the questions below by Monday, September 9th. You may post a reply here or send me a private message. Please also list your industry.


  • How do you use PTC Learning Connector for Creo?
  • What benefits has PTC Learning Connector for Creo provided to you?


As a thank you we will send a PTC shirt to everyone who participates - excluding PTC staff, partner or anyone who posts a non-response.


Kim Springston

PTC University Product Management


  1. We have used the Learning Connector to:
  • Evaluate new modules and new PTC software to assist in determining if a product will be worth purchasing.
  • Familiarize new workers with basic ProE/Creo features
  • Go through the new Creo features in preparation to ease transition from ProE4 to Creo2.
  • Gaining a better understanding of features/functionality that we do not normally use but to help determine if there are better ways to model our products.

2. Benefit has been the fulfillment of the above 4 objectives.

Most unfortunately we can no longer access these tutorials (except for the ones embedded in Creo) at work because our IT network policy changed and now blocks the video format that this website uses (although some video tutorials through non-PTC websites still ecognition). I have been working to change this but the outcome does not look positive. Does PTC have an option to put the tutorials on a DVD and mail it to customers?

"When you reward an activity, you get more of it!"

Lawrence, please send me a private message with your contact info and I will follow up to see what we can do. Thanks for your feedback!

My industry is energy industry or manufacturing if you want to be really generic.

My main use is to get help with a task that I do not know how to do in Creo. For instance, I think the last time I used it, I was trying to create a variable section sweep. Since I don't use variable section sweeps except once every blue moon, I always have trouble creating them. I simply find a training exercise that walks me through the process and generally that is enough to solve my problem

The other usage is for update training for new Creo releases and also for PDMLink upgrades.



Steve, thanks for your reply. Glad to hear that Learning Connector is helping!