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Create solid model milling tool


Create solid model milling tool

I am trying to create a milling tool from a solid model. It is a special shape that I want to make sure cuts correctly. The solid model has 1 feature - Revolve. When I am in a manufacturing file, these are the steps I am taking: click Tools Setup, File, New, Open Tool Library - By Reference... and I choose the solid model. But nothing happens. I remember in training we did this and the model came right up. I think the difference may be that the solid had named dimensions such as length, cutter dia. etc. Do I need to do this with my solid model for it to work? If so, how do I name those dimensions in my solid? Is there anything else I am missing? I have attached the cutting tool file just in case that helps.




I just finished watching a webcast on this very topic and my question was answered.

Interesting tool shape. I also found that webinar very helpfull. Did you add your parameters using the relations dialog or did you edit the properties of the dimensions in your sketch? I can't decide which would be better.


For the tools that were created with ProE I used the dimension properties to define the parameters. That way if I change the tool values or create a new similar tool, the parameters will update. There are some tools that were modeled in other software that I had to import into ProE. For those I added parameters since there are no dimensions.

I'm new to creating my own solid milling tools. is there a default library already somewhere in Creo to select form?


There is a tooling library available. I think it's downloadable if you have Maintenance.


It has english and metric endmills, t slot cutters,taps,drills and Cat and BT 30 40,45,50 tool holders as well as lathe tools and fixture components.


Thanks for the heads up Steve. I was able to download the Pro\library. I found it very generic, there's no HSK folder. I understand there's a million different holder configurations but disappointed with the the base that PTC offers us. I have another question. When I use a holder and tool assembly how do I describe or convey the holder info to my setup guy. Is there a way to have a holder description and tool description on my set sheet automatically?


I agree it is very generic I believe the library was built before HSK was around.

I started using ProMan. around Rev. 17/18(1998-1999 I believe) and the very same library was available back then but I think you had to pay for it. The main thing I use it for is the fixture parts and the start point for building my own tool library.

I do have HSK E32 holders modeled for our Makino E33 other than that you have to build your own unless others are willing to share.

As far as conveying the information to your set up guys what we do is just give him the maximum cut depth and tool holder type on the setup sheet as well as a verbal discussion as to what I am trying to do. My setup guy is pretty good at understanding that if its a finish cut to put the cutter in a shrink fit holder with minimal tool length.We are a small shop so it's easy to walk the setup sheet out and explain what is going on as well as hand written instructions on the sheet. I suppose you could do a dimension drawing for each tool assembly with a front view to show the info but that seems like a lot of work to me.

Good morning Steve. I'm new to Creo and I'm trying to be happy with Creo with being a former Mastercam user for 12 years. Mastercam has its problems but I feel its more of a CAM package rather than a CAD package. I feel CRE is more of a CAD than a CAM. I attached screen shots to give you an idea the difference in ability to convey tool and holder info automatically. With Mastecam there's no doubt what holder to use. With CREO there's some interpertation left to the setup guy on what to use.CREO+TOOL.JPG MASTERCAM+TOOL.JPG

Alot of vendor will supply you with solid models. I Sent Schunk an email and had models the next day. I think companys recignize that accurate models are great when running simulations and looking for collisions.

We use Haimer holders here for our HSK and they have dxf files for their holders. It's a start at least to a solid model.

looks like they off step files also now


how do you convey this on the setup sheet for each tool?


l Haven't been on the web site in a while!!

that makes it easier,

I agree, I will email our holder venders for the holder info that way its accurate


All that info is available in Creo also if you click on the information icon at the top of the tool setup.



awesome, thanks guys for all your help


Not a Problem. just took a few posts to realize what you were looking for!!

There is a print button in the corner of the info page also if you want to print them for your operators.

pls share me the link for that Library.

I need your help to download the library files.



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