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Where can I get training to be a CAD administrator


Where can I get training to be a CAD administrator

I am looking for information for CAD administrator training. My company runs Creo, Catia, & Autocad.  I have training in Creo (16 years), Catia (3 years) Autocad (3 years) & Solidworks (1-2 years).

Any suggestions for training would be helpful.  Thank you in advance.



don´t know where are you from, but here in Czech republic we got 2 very skilled PTC-software providers. Both of them offer full service including trainig in all PTC software areas.



3.Only relyable online source l know is this PTC forum.

If you got some local PTC provider try to ask them about training or technical support.

Or visit our beautiful country ... you are wlcome . CZECH REPUBLIC



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Cogras has some fantastically philosophical banners on their web site:



Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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It does not exist!

If the software company has a class in installing the software, that may be the closest you get.

Your years of experience are the best training to be an administrator for a CAD package.

Thanks Ben.  I have learned how to install the software but need to learn how to administer CAD customization and such

I can't speak for Catia and AutoCad, only for Pro/E / Creo. As far as I know there is no formal training available for Creo Administration. That is the bad news. The good one is that is not that difficult to configure the system. You will need the installation and config options manuals for the version and the date code that you are currently use.

Both are available on the support section of PTC website. With those two manuals and some testing and trails you should get what you need.

It all depends on the extent of the setup that need to be done. If it's setting the right configuration that shouldn't take long. If you also need to define your libraries than you are looking at a longer project.

Give it a try and if you need help post your questions here. For sure someone will be able to give some advice.

The PTC conference talks by real admins.

Boston Best Rated Presentations - Latest addition: Measuring the Health of Your PTC Creo Parametric Installation

I have a talk in the link above on license management. In the past I've given talks on ProE Admin 101, Creo Admin 101, Creo Admin 102, An Admins Guide to Product View Publishing (a bit old now), An Admin's Guide to System Evaluation.

There are many other talks that are available from the old PTC user site, and on this site for the newer conferences. Not real sure how to easily find them for download, but they are here somewhere.

One thing, if you look on the PTC user site, those presentations are more complete, at least for mine, because on most of my later presentations I've included what I intended to say on each slide in the notes section for that slide.


It definitely is a years of experience and trial and error job. Each package is different obviously and I think there should be some type of forum for CAD managers of any and all CAD software since a lot of the items that come up will come up in multiple CAD applications. Anyway, and I hate to post it on here but it may help a little bit, Autodesk has a site that is for CAD managers. It is obviously more focused on Autodesk products but there is information just for CAD management as a whole as well. Maybe this will help a little. And again I think it would be good to have somewhere that all could talk/post as CAD Admin in general regardless of what design package(s) is being used.

Good info Shane, thank you

There is a book on Amazon:

It is written specifically for AutoCAD, but a lot of the principals apply regardless of the system.  I bought it back in 2009 and read it through and applied a lot it to my job, it definitely helped.