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Miscellaneous Monday - How are you staying ENERGIZED this Summer!?


Miscellaneous Monday - How are you staying ENERGIZED this Summer!?


Here are some facts about the past year and a half:

  • Corona came along and really messed up the world. Fact. 
  • The business world's response to Corona was immense and the digital world itself became super busy. Also fact.
  • Because we all ended up at home behind our desks and moving even less than normal, we piled on the so-called Corona lbs/kilos. Sad fact! 😥

Some parts of the world are slowly coming out of lockdown and offices are opening properly once more, but it is still a massive effort to stay energised, both in body and mind, whether it's doing fitness, being creative just relaxing or taking care of nutritional values!




Oddly enough, the past year I myself have never felt more energised!

At PTC we have really strong internal communities, in particular an Employee Resource Group (ERG) literally called "PTC Energise",  focused on building a global community around health and wellness. They are organising a whole Summer Energize Challenge 🏆💪🌞

We also have a Community called Raising The BAR, an initiative by our Snr AR Director, Chad Crandell, specially set up to fight the "Corona lbs".

Started back in July of 2020, each sprint has a cool challenge and the challenge is completed by scoring daily points in health & fitness. Right now we're deep in Sprint #5 and we're busy Target Scanning all the offices of PTC across the globe! 

Whilst my own focus is predominantly fitness focused, this is not the only way to stay energised, which leads me onto wanting to know your own way of staying energised...




What are you and your company up to these days to stay energised?

Are there any awesome initiatives going on at the office, whether you are small local firm, or a global corporate?

Do you have any epic energy-inducing goals you have set for the coming period, or maybe some tips & tricks you want to share with others?

Share you experiences/ideas/thoughts with us here on Community and feel ENERGISED!


Community Manager

@FunManAndy   Great post!  I periodically post what I am doing with PTC Green ERG so I am glad we can share more glimpses of our internal employee resource groups 🙂   Back in February this year 2021, I joined a Signal Group with maybe 10 mom friends (actually only half were my real friends) the others were friends of friends 🙂  And, we started setting fitness goals every Friday for the following week.  My Maple (Golden Retriever) is really happy that part of my "Energize" or fitness plan was to take 2 to 3 three mile walks every week.  I have slowed down a bit with my reporting  to my Signal Group.  However, I can report to this community that after dinner this evening (still very hot 90 degrees) I took Ms Maple for a jaunt through the woods in which she found her favorite swimming pond to cool off in.  No picture, but I am sure we will do this again this week.  Wet dog picture coming soon!

That is so awesome @Jaime_Lee 🌟👏 
Sounds like you and Maple are getting super energized each and every week! 

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