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PTC/USER Winter Forum Sunshine and More!

Community Manager

PTC/USER Winter Forum Sunshine and More!

Hi, Everybody!


After getting dumped with MORE SNOW the last couple of days, I thought all of us in the Northeast could use some flashbacks of the wonderful South Carolina sunshine at the PTC/USER Winter Technical Forum. What a great experience! 








amazingtrees1.jpg rainbowrow2.jpg
pinkbuilding.jpg trees.jpg




Don't forget LiveWorx, the Digital Transformation Conference, is coming to Seaport Boston, June 10th-13th.  June 10th is a dedicated CAD/PLM Day that is thrown in with the LiveWorx All Access Pass.  AND, there is TC Committee work Thursday evening (13th) and PTC Working Group Readouts   on Friday (14th).  The PTC/USER Portal has info on special rates for PTC/USER members.  There is a rate increase on March 28th so please don't delay in securing your ticket!


Feel free to upload your own pictures from PTC/USER Winter Forum or leave your own comments about the event as a reply below.


There were so many great workshops! I left the best upfront seats for the REAL PTC Software users, but I did get to sneak away from the PTC Community booth sometimes 🙂




@lhunter-2   Keynote Speaker@lhunter-2 Keynote Speaker I had no idea Whirlpool had so many brands!I had no idea Whirlpool had so many brands!
Engaged Participants!Engaged Participants!  More Engaged Participants!More Engaged Participants!


   Can you find the back of your head? Who is here?



Thank you to everyone that participated in testing with the PTC UX Lab!




Part of the "PTC/USER Winter Forum Wrap Up" can be found on this  PTC Creo Facebook Live Video


The PTC/USER Board thought of everything!  We even had transportation via yellow school bus to enjoy the local cuisine and nightlife of Charleston!




Who is here?Who is here?



Can you find your friends? Tag them (@ Plus Community Screen Name)as a reply to this post!


Of course, my favorite part was getting to connect with members of our PTC Community! 






me_Preeti - Copy.jpg danglenn_hat.jpg


mlockwood.jpg boarddinner1_24 (002).jpg
ghosttours - Copy.jpg


ghosttourgang - Copy.jpg