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Time on Pro-E


Time on Pro-E

Just wanted to see, how long, You all, and Yea, I'm from

have been using the software....


I have been using it since 1996 ...

16 yrs....and loved it....


I thought it was y'all? (Yeah, I'm from California)

Anyway, I think I started using Pro/E in 1997 or 98 on Rev. 16. No, I don't miss those days at all!

5-Regular Member

ProE (WildFire, Creo) since 2000...

yea, your is y'all ...

yea, I know, back then we had two Pc's sysetem...

it was using on unxi system @ 20k a pop

so all day you would back and forth, Pro-E and Pc for all other, word etc.

the good old were all over the place...

Floyd, sounds exactly like my start. I started on V15 back on an AWESOME SGI Indy Unix system. Far superior to any PC I've used, and far more stable. Pro/E was, after all, WRITTEN for Unix, these PC versions are a kludge. I also had a PC on my desk for the more mundane tasks. Loved all the versions......until creo, which I hate. The WF interface was bad enough (lead-vs.-follow mentality being especially heinous), but the creo one seriously lowers the bar...... Hopefully PTC will go back to making what the real users want, instead of what their developers think is best for our own good.

We are going to Creo soon, and it's funny, how you never get to know the whole package, before it changes...

I guess, depending on what field you are working in, you tend to use what's needed to get your part to market.

I'm looking forward to see it...

What happened to the User input on the software...maybe I have been out of the loop...

Need to get involved more...

PT Designer... '98?