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Drawing in Creo Schematics


Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics

Hi, Jim,

I don't understand why my version of Schematics does not come up automatically with those parameters, especially since I am the only person using it right now, and I did nothing to delete or disable any parameters. That is something I would never do anyway, seeing as I don't know what is critical and what is not at this stage.

About the CSV files - I would dearly love to be able to create data tables in Excel and load them into Creo Schematics. Small problems - I am a working engineer and really cannot justify spending much more time than I already have searching for needed data. If I could click on "help" in the main toolbar and get a link to some real documentation, with a serchable index and table of contents, I could look up "CSV" and get a manual page telling me all there is to know about formatting, names, etc. - and where this file should exist if I create one from Creo. None of that information is easily found - there isn't even a "help" tab to click on - just that PDF tutorial which raises more question than it answers. Not to say the tutorial is worthless - I did glean some useful things there - but having to read through the whole thing hoping to trip over the one fact you need is not my idea of efficiency.

I just re-opened Creo Schematics to check on that image you posted. All the selections in Admin are greyed out. I did find the CSV files. Why are the minmum needed parameters in the CSV file not in the default parameter list to begin with? No one should have to load the internal length parameter every time they make a new connector block, or even have to load a parameter file unless they already have modified the default values.

I am very disappointed with Creo Schematics so far. It has such promise, and Creo Parametric 2.0 is a program I would dearly love to own a copy of for my personal use. I have looked at Creo 2.0 Cabling and can't wait to get my hands on that package. At home I have Autocad 2000, so I know what old and crude 3D CAD systems look like.

If PTC would put the Sketcher tools from Creo 2.0 (or even Wildfire) into Schematics, I would have a whole lot less to complain about. Having to use a crude drawing tool like what is in there now after using the 2.0 drafting tools is like going from a late version of a good word processor to a DOS 40-column text editor on a monochrome CRT.

Yes, I am that old...


Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics


If you have created a new empty design then it will only have the base parameters. The idea is that a customer decides wether they are doing piping, hydraulic or electrical design. If the customer are only designing electronics there is little point in having the user wade through piping parameters. Thus the required parameters for cabling and piping are available under the load point and the librarian simply loads what they need and creates a template design which can then be used for all new designs.

To launch the help center click on the help icon in the top right hand corner

29-04-2014 19-29-50.jpg

Then search for datatable

29-04-2014 19-31-10.jpg

The reason all the admin selections are grayed out is because you either have a password on the design or the design has been submitted to a central catalog.

I am sorry that you are disappointed with Creo Schematics, when setup correctly and with some training it really is a very powerful solution. It really does sound like you are struggling and i would suggest that your company employs the services of a consultant to set up your catalog, your template designs so that you can concentrate on your design work.

re the drafting tools, again they are very powerful but the workflow is very different to Creo Parametric.

Which company do you work for?



Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics

OK. After digging through the PTC directory in Program Files, I found an executable for installing the Help Center. I also finally noted the little '?' in the upper right corner of the Schematics window. So, now I can access the Help Center.

Someone needs to proofread these help files. An example:

To Create a New Design or Catalog Template Sheet

1.Click Diagramming Image Design Explorer. The Catalog Explorer opens.

No, it doesn't. The Design Explorer opens.

Once you figure out to actually open the Catalog Explorer. you are faced with a choice of whatever is preloaded into that catalog, but no option to open a different directory or browse for same. I am guessing that Schematics design templates are different than Creo drawing sheet templates, and I won't simply be able to copy our existing Wildfire title blocks and such into Schematics. I hope I am wrong in this thought.

I found the directory of Schematics design templates on my C: drive. I'm going to try to load our existing Wildfire .dwg templates and see if I can open them in Schematics.

If I can find them in Windchill...

Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics


Thank you for highlighting the error with the help documentation. Based on your valuable feedback I have asked documentation to fix the issue ASAP.

DO NOT monkey about with the installation files or the design files as you will only cause program errors and design errors.

Please refer to my earlier post where I guided you to page 32 of the PDF - Creating a design template sheet

thanks, Jim

Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics


Great answer. You're the best.

Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics

Interesting. This post changed in the last few minutes. I tried to respond to the original, kept getting error messages and "try again". Let's see if this one posts.

Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics

OK. So I can post again - here's my original reply to David's original post:

Hi, David,

That's my problem, precisely.I am hampered by the fact that I am the only person here that will be working with Schematic.No one else to brainstorm with.

Right now I need to figure out how to access the libraries installed in my C: drive that don't show up in the Catalog Explorer. If I can do that, I can get some real work done. I have many components and fibers already made up, but so far I can't get them to appear in the catalog unless I open the previous design.

Does anyone have the secret to accessing other catalogs in other designs?

Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics

the files on your c drive - what is the extension of the files - *.art or *.she?

Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics

In my c:\ptc\schematics_libraries\IEEE 3151975 Symbol Library Metric\IEEE_315_1975 V1_1_2 directory, I have the Virtual Interconnect files, mostly .she, some housekeeping files that look to be PTC or Schematics generated.

I need to get access to these in my new Schematics designs - I used "autogenerate" and got a blank catalog in the latest attempt. I generated many components in the Virtual Interconnect library's folder that should be in the master catalog - the one I was working with yesterday is evidently bound to that design and is invisible to me now.

How do I get the catalogs to merge? That would fix many things.

Re: Drawing in Creo Schematics

*.she file are design database files and should never be moved, deleted or accessed via windows explorer

I am assuming the design you can access the library in is called IEEE_315_1975 V1_1_2.

You have two options

Option one is submit the catalog to a central location and then point all new designs to the central location. For now i do NOT recommend you do this until you have completely setup your template design.

  1. Option two and the one i recommend for now is to
  2. Open design IEEE_315_1975 V1_1_2
  3. Click file export Design properties - this will export your design properties and all the catalog to an itermediate file
  4. Open your new design
  5. Click file import Design properties
  6. Choose the exported file from step 3
  7. Follow the prompts

Your catalog should now be available in your new design

Let me know if that does not work, thanks, Jim

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