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Modelcheck prevent save


Modelcheck prevent save

I am trying to setup model check for the first time. What I am trying to do is prevent a save from happening when an error is reached. I do get a browser pop-up indicating the error but it still saves. Is there some setting I need.


Tom Oshinsky


RE: Modelcheck prevent save


The "Save Mode" in ModelCHECK will always save the model first and then run ModelCHECK as a secondary operation. To this point, ModelCHECK acts as a reporting tool and not a gatekeeper.

There are a couple of options available if you'd like to prevent models with errors from being checked in:

- ModelUPDATE mode allows you to automatically update models for errors generated during ModelCHECK. All the updates possible from the ModelCHECK report <u>that do not require manual interaction</u> (such as typing or selection) are automatically
performed in ModelUPDATE mode. Note: You can run ModelUPDATE only in the ModelCHECK Interactive mode so you would have to run this before saving.

- If you are using a PDM system, you could use PDM as a gatekeeper and prevent it from allowing check-in of files that contain any errors. This could be done by setting a parameter equal to the number of errors found in the file. If the number is greater than 0, check-in would not be allowed.

I hope this provides you with some additional information and options to help you achieve your goal.




Modelcheck prevent save

Just a small point. You can configure MC to run before saving the model.

# Interactive SAVE MODE - pre (Y) or post (N)?

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Modelcheck prevent save

I personally would not set it up to prevent saves (if you can even do it) or set it up not save before running. Reasons for this are, at least in my experience, occasionally running modelcheck would lock up Pro/e or cause an unexpected exit. As far as not saving at all until all errors are fixed, that would potentially push a user to wait longer and longer to save which would eventually end up in lost work because of your setup. Can you imagine the user telling his boss that he lost a lot of work because CAD Admin wouldn't allow him to save even though they tell everyone to save often to prevent loss of work.

In theory it sounds like a good plan to never let users save a file with an error, but in practice, sometimes you need to get your design worked out before you go along worrying about whether you have your layers set right or if your rounds are too early in the model or whatever. Occasionally errors aren't easily solved and may need 2 or 3 attempts to get them
completely corrected.

I like modelcheck but you need to use it as another tool and not a hinderance.


Steve Williams
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