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Blogs and Wikis usage feedback


Blogs and Wikis usage feedback

Hi all,


The ThingWorx product team is examining features in our product, on the lines of what are being used, how are they being used, and where we can improve; a telemetry of sorts.


The current topic is the Blog and Wiki Widget - we want to know where, why and how you are using Blogs and Wikis.





I remember in around version 8.0, one client is trying to use the Wiki, but the security management for this entity is not well defined.


This is what I'm refering to.  I think client is trying to use it as a Manual Book, but since the edits and deletes cannot be monitored and limited, they gave it up.

While the concept is good, I have not seen it in action in production.

Hi Aanjan, Currently I did not see any customer use Wiki or Blog in their production environment.




we use the Wiki as a help page for the mashups. While this is also in production I consider it unused. Our major issues are:

  1. No support for multilanguage. Or haven't I found it yet?
  2. When exporting and importing the Ids are not exported and freshly assigned in the target system. This leads to different Ids in dev/test/prod systems and impedes using direct Id references.

Hi Aanjan,

We use both:

  • Wikis -> As a knowledge based on a System Level (Buildings and alike), also to provide Platform Help.
  • Blogs -> As a discussion/collaboration feature for each Thing on the whole platform.

Best regards, and hope this feature it's not removed.


I whould say this is useless in production...




I'd say "Comments" widget would be more useful (with the same semantics as in JIRA issues, for example).


/ Constantine

Yup, comments at thing level (actually is how we use Blogs, we added tags in order to associate comments to things), also Files at thing level and same for wikis.


At the moment, we are not using it, but I'd like to use it so that users can lookup/add topics to help them understand the platform, connectivity, and our smart connected products.  We are not using it, because the wiki tree structure cannot be modified.  Once a child page is created, it cannot be moved around to restructure the tree.  This makes it difficult to use as we would need to figure out the structure first which is hard to do as there could be endless topics.

23-Emerald II

Hi @Willie 


Since this topic is dated 1 1/2 years ago, I suggest checking the ThingWorx Ideas page to determine if someone else has already requested the functionality you need.  If so, you can vote on it, which will increase its chances of being considered for a future release.  If no idea currently exists, you can submit a new one.





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