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Chip Based Data Filter Widget


Chip Based Data Filter Widget

Can someone show me how to build the Service we are supposed to put the query into for this filter widget to work. I have a service that brings the data back from the SQL server. But I do not understand the QueryFilter property to the query input parameter of the QueryDataTableEntries service in this reading. 


Please send or help if you can thanks.



22-Sapphire I

I think nowadays in the mashup builder if you click on it, doesn't it provide some ui to build the query? (sorry its been a while)

Else it needs to be a json:


This would be for the new Chip Based Data Filter widget I have watched the videos and read the documents but it does not show how to bind that query to the service to make it work. I just wanted to see a service where it has the input of query and how it works. I can get the data and bring it to the grid advanced and everything I just wanted to let the users be able to filter the data with this chip-based data filter widget.



I have a service where I create an infotable from a \query to SQL database. 


var dt ;

//pull data off of the database table Get Cooker Historical Data based on passed in parameters

dt = Things["LOL.ThingWorxLOL_Prod_DB_Connection.DB"].Get_Cooker_Data({
Start_Date: Start_Date /* DATETIME */,
End_date: End_Date /* DATETIME */

me.Infotable = dt;



This brings me back the data I need from Start_Date to End_Date.


Can someone help me add a query filter that I can receive from the Chip Based Data Filter Widget please as I cannot figure out this query filter option? 

I would be greatly appreciative.





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