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Dynamic Thing Properties Reference


Dynamic Thing Properties Reference



I am trying to setup a loop that will cycle through a thing's properties based off a number and then add those values to an infotable. I don't know how to incorporate the variable number into the reference to the thing's properties though. See below code.


var params = {

infoTableName : "InfoTable",

dataShapeName : "TC1_LBCSS_Soak_Tank_Information"



var tempresult = Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].CreateInfoTableFromDataShape(params);


for (var i = 1; i <=14; i++){



    Soak_Tank: i,

    Status: me.LB1_Soak_Tank_& i &_Status,

    Condition: me.LB1_Soak_Tank_& i &_Process_Status,

    Soak_Time: me.LB1_Soak_Tank_& i &_Soak_Time,



    var result= tempresult


When doing it this way I receive an error. What is the correct way to incorporate the number reference inside the reference to the Thing's properties?




Dynamic Thing Properties Reference

Hi Michael, how have you been?

JavaScript does it a little different.

I would do it as follows:

me["LB1_Soak_Tank_" + i + "_Process_Status"]

A cleaner way would be to create the strings before you use it so:

var tmpProcStat = "LB1_Soak_Tank_" + i + "_Process_Status"


Dynamic Thing Properties Reference


I've been great, busy making wonderful tools with Thingworx! Thanks for the help with the code, this did the trick. I knew how to do it in VBA just wasn't sure with Javascript. Hopefully your workload will get a little easier with the release of 5.0!