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Edge Microserver - File Transfer


Edge Microserver - File Transfer


I'd like to transfer a file using the Edge Microserver. Did the steps in the manual, but its not working for me - unforunately i don't know why or how to find out whats the problem now.

Did the following steps:

1) started Microserver with the below config file:


  "ws_servers": [{

  "host": "xxx.xx.xx.xx",

  "port": 8080


  "ws_connection": {

  "encryption": "none"


  "appKey": "xxx",

  "file": {

  "buffer_size": 8192,

  "max_file_size": 8000000000,


  { "In" : "C:\Dev\Tools\TWX Edge Microserver\microserver\in" },

  { “Out": "C:\Dev\Tools\TWX Edge Microserver\microserver\out" },

  { "staging": "C:\Dev\Tools\TWX Edge Microserver\microserver\staging" }


  "staging_dir": "staging"



--> Server is connected and working, specified directories are existing of course.

2) Created /files directory on the Thingworx Server and placed abc.txt into (/root/ThingworxStorage/repository/SystemRepository/files/abc.txt)
3) Created RemoteThingWithFileTransfer named "RT1" in Thingworx
4) Created Pyhton Script to trigger Webservice with the following JSON Content:

- sourceRepo: SystemRepository
- sourcePath: /files
- sourceFile: abc.txt
- targetRepo: RT1
- targetPath: /In
- targetFile: abc.txt

The complete python script:


import requests

import sys

import json

appKey = 'xxx'

jsonString = '{\"sourceRepo\": \"SystemRepository\", \"sourcePath\": \"/files\", \"sourceFile\": \"abc.txt\", \"targetRepo\": \"RT1\", \"targetPath\": \"/In\", \"targetFile\": \"abc.txt\"}'

payload = json.loads(jsonString)

headers = { 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'appKey': appKey }

response = requests.put('http://localhost:8000/ThingWorx/Subsystems/FileTransferSubsystem/Services/Copy', headers=headers, json=payload, verify=False)

As you see I'm using the localhost (microserver running on the same pc). It's not working and I'm having serious problems to find the problem? Does anyone see what I've missed or did wrong?

Many Thanks in Advance!


Re: Edge Microserver - File Transfer

Hi Korbinian, have you checked the WSEMS & ThingWorx logs for any specific errors/exception information around this issue? Which version of EMS and ThingWorx are you working with?


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