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EditedTable Property of Advanced Grid is not getting reset


EditedTable Property of Advanced Grid is not getting reset



I am creating a form where I am displaying a grid which is editable.

There is a button on the form on clicking of which the entire form is getting reset.

For resetting the grid, I am triggering the service again which is responsible to show the data in the grid.


So if a user has modified some values in the editable grid and wants to reset it the reset button would do the job.


I am facing one issue which is the previous EditedTable Property is not getting changed until the user start editing the grid again. If in this scenario user doesn't want to edit the grid for the second time and want to proceed with the form by clicking on submit button. It would be misleading as we will still have some entries in the EditedTable property.


Please advise on this if this can be taken care by any other way





Please check whether this would help:  After editing the Grid, click the Tab button, notifying that change is complete.


It happens the same when you configure some fields in the text field in the widgets, click Tab, and your inputs will be retained.

The solution you provided is to register our changes. If we are editing a text in the grid untill we move the focus from it the value entered will not get passed to EditedTable property. I amaware about this usecase.


My issue here is different. After editing a grid and getting the required data in EditedTable i am refreshing the grid again. So ideally the EditedTable should also get refreshed. But it is not happening.

23-Emerald II

Hi @shubhamdosi.


If you begin an edit and then cancel, you will still see the updated values in the EditedTable.  Once additional edits are made, the EditedTable will update. This is by design as the EditedTable is not really designed for display.  It's use is in the background.  The purpose of the EditedTable is to write back to the source with user updates.  Here is the definition of an EditedTable from the ThingWorx Help Center.....


     A bindable property that specifies an output location for updated values when cells are edited at run time.


If you need different behavior, you may need to look at your design for coming up with an alternative solution.   


What is your use case that requires you to display the EditedTable?  If we had an understanding of that, we might be able to suggest a different solution.