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HowTo Use Software Content Management (SCM) with the .NET SDK


HowTo Use Software Content Management (SCM) with the .NET SDK

It would appear that the necessary building blocks are available in the .NET SDK to support SCM.  However, I have not been able to pick apart the back-and-forth interactions between the .NET SDK Gateway I have built and ThingWorx to get a firmware update to occur. It would be very helpful to have a description/tutorial that describes what is necessary on the SDK-side of implementing support for SCM.


Here is what I can see:

  • The TriggerUpdateAction() service in my FileTransferVirtualThing-based object is getting invoked with a 'start' action.  The params JSON object, however, is null even though I can see data in the logs.
  • I'm guessing that a FileTransfer event would need to be fired from the FileTransferVirtualThing to ThingWorx to indicate progress/failure
  • The ScheduleDownload() and ScheduleInstall() services in the FileTransferVirtualThing play some role in processing, but I'm not sure what event I need to pass back to get them invoked.

At this point, I have the following TriggerUpdateAction signature which I doubt is entirely correct due to the fact that the params are null (note that the variable name is not 'params' because it is a reserved word in C#)

[method: ThingworxServiceDefinition(name = "TriggerUpdateAction", description = "Start the process")]

[return: ThingworxServiceResult(name = CommonPropertyNames.PROP_RESULT, description = "", baseType = "NOTHING")]

public void TriggerUpdateAction([ThingworxServiceParameter(name = "action", baseType = "STRING")] string action,

                           [ThingworxServiceParameter(name = "params", baseType = "JSON")] string parms)


    Console.WriteLine("Triggering update {0}", action);



Information visible in the logs during when TriggerUpdateAction is called:

[Verbose] Recv'd Msg <<<<<<<<< Message Details: Version: 1 Method/Code: 0x3 (POST) RequestID: 1215754 EndpointID:-1 SessionID: -1 Multipart: 0 EntityType: THING EntityName: SDKThing CharacteristicType: SERVICES CharateristicName: TriggerUpdateAction Parameter Type: INFOTABLE DataShape: Name: action BaseType: STRING Name: params BaseType: JSON Row 1: BaseType: STRING Value: start Length: 5 BaseType: JSON Value: {"path":"/","deploymentInstallTimeout":7200000,"downloadDate":1521224686809,"installDate":1521224687809,"name":"DevPortalPackage","updateManager":"TW.RSM.SFW.SoftwareManager","id":"ac07310f-6b79-49e6-8e3a-b9a091552d1f","repository":"TW.RSM.Thing.FileRepository","script":"install.lua"} Length: 309

5-Regular Member

Hi David, 


We will be offering full support for SCM in the .NET SDK later this summer. When released it will have full documentation and examples. I'd be interested in better understanding your use case, so if you'd like to connect directly just let me know and I can set up a conversation. 


Best regards, 

Jeff Bates

Product Manager

ThingWorx Edge