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Project entity visibility hiding among different teams


Project entity visibility hiding among different teams

We have a single instance to develop to projects. Our requirement is that developers from two teams should not be able to edit each others entity. I tried by creating two projects(Project1 and 2). Then I created two Oeganization(ProjOrg1 and ProjOrg2). Then I created two different user groups(Proj1Dev and Proj2Dev) and assigned them in individual Organizations. In the Project level I changed permissions in Visibility- to individual Org(Project1 is assigned ProjOrg1 and in time only Proj1Dev User group is assigned). Still I can see that both the User groups can see each other entities and edit. How can I achieve this separation ? I,m using Thingworx 8.5.6


Hello @SM_9588025 ,


You would have your Organization (ProjOrg1 and ProjOrg2) with visibility permissions.

Then the user groups(Proj1Dev and Proj2Dev)  where you grant runtime access control and design time.


Hope it helps,

What visibility should I give in Projorg1 and Projorg2. They are organizations that should have visibility to the entities in those two projects. At user group to whom I will give permission at runtime and design.  Can you explain 

Can you explain more. Currently I have given visibility to individual organizations at project level and run time and design time permissions to the specific user groups at project level.  What else do I need to do?


Hi @SM_9588025 


In order to achieve your use case , please follow below steps

  1. Create 2 Projects for eg : Proj1 and Proj2
  2. Create 2 Things for eg : Proj1TestThing and Proj2TestThing
  3. Create 2 Users for eg : Proj1User and Proj2User
  4. Create 2 User Groups for eg : Proj1UserGroup and Proj2UserGroup and add the above 2 Users in it respectively
  5. Create 2 Organization for eg : Proj1Org and Proj2Org and add the above 2 User Groups in it respectively
  6. Now go to Projects Proj1 and Proj2. Add visibility permission to Proj1Org and Proj2Org respectively
  7. Now go to Things Proj1TestThing and Proj2TestThing. Add visibility permission to Proj1Org and Proj2Org respectively, now add Runtime permission and design time permission to Proj1UserGroup and Proj2UserGroup respectively

Please check this and let us know if it helps.


Thanks & Regards,

Toolika Dixit

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