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anybody know to use this service? I want to assign the run time permissions for multiple user groups


I know there is an explanation how to use it, but unfortunarely, there is no clue how to fill the infotable (one of the params) in anywhere


this is the entry for the infotable
// RunTimePermissions entry object
let newEntry = {
isPermitted: undefined, // BOOLEAN
name: undefined, // STRING [Primary Key]
resourceName: undefined, // STRING [Primary Key]
type: undefined, // STRING [Primary Key]
permissionName: undefined // STRING [Primary Key]



22-Sapphire I

Are you specifically trying to set permissions on a resource?

Sort of like after install, initialize your solution by setting permissions on all the supported entities?

One way btw would be to use the Import/Export CollectionPermissions for this.

Also using the CollectionFunctions there is AddCollectionRunTimePermission (and DesignTime)


I'm not absolutely sure what the last two parameters would map to in your service unfortunately.

type might be Runtime vs Designtime and permissionName would be read/write/etc.

Sorry I've only used the CollectionFunction one which only has 'type' which covers runtime or designtime permissions.