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Tabs widget migration


Tabs widget migration

I see an extra space after widget migration for tab widget...Please check belowscreenshots.



After migration


Before migration.


Please resolve the issue asap



Hello @krishnakomal ,


Can you please provide more information around the issue ?

From what widget you have migrated ?

Are you referring to the white space around the blue box in the center ?

Have you tried opening the runtime mashup in different browsers ( Mozzila, Chrome) ? Do you experience the same thing ?



Actually I migrated entire mashup by clicking "Yes" in mashup composer.

Tabs widget in 8.3.3 is replaced with Tabs widget in 8.5.2

The space just below tabs and above summary is the space I am talking about.

I tried in other browsers too.its the same

I see white space beside each tab also. Please resolve the issue asap

Hello @krishnakomal,


Can you provide some entities to test this scenario because I want to see if there is something we can do about the white space.

Please find the attached entities

I have attached entities for your reference. Please let know where I am wrong

Hello @krishnakomal,


Mashups give error in Run Time. It seems there is a missing entity.

The error is: Could not load "IIOT_EPP_PP_EnergyInfo_MU". Reason: 404 - Entity Not Found : [IIOT_EPP_PP_EnergyInfo_MU]

Can you please upload the missing entity ?

I am going to upload the images with the error so you can see what I am reffering to:


Could not load Entity Not Found.jpg

Could Not load Entity Not found2.jpg





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