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Thing Worx Composer questions


Thing Worx Composer questions

Hello Bhawna,

 I have just started learning Thing Worx application I am a beginner don't have any Idea from where to start learning Thing Worx.  But Currently I am learning different tools in Thing Worx like Thing, Thing Template Mashup etc... from the documentation section of Thing Worx which is

ThingWorx Model Definition in Composer ( 

I do have a Thing Worx Composer ide, from where I do hands on, but it doesn't have analytics extension tab in it or maybe they haven't given permission for me now the questions which I want to ask,

1. Do I have to ask them to give permission for analytics extension tab into my Composer?

2. Can you please suggest some project which I can do in Thing Worx Composer?

3.Can you please suggest some video from where I can learn in a structured way?





Hello @Rayon_11 ,


Every subscribed customer can explore various option to enhance their knowledge base of ThingWorx by following these resources:



2. Training Central:

3. Help centre guides

4. By following the community

5. Customers are entitled to eLearning Standard Library with the purchase of a PTC software subscription


Also check there is a similar post having resolution:


Let me know if you have any further queries.




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