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Thingworx Memory leak / Slow performance


Thingworx Memory leak / Slow performance

Hi everyone,

Thingworx Foundation 8.5.1

Thingworx Analytics 8.5.2


We currently are having a lot of issues with thingworx performance, after restarting Apache tomcat/VM, Thingworx works as expected for a few minutes, then it becomes slow, and at some point it becomes unresponsive.

Memory utilization of the host reaches above 99%

Several assets have been deleted/disabled in order to reduce system workload, this has improved a little the condition but definitely haven't been able to find the root cause of the issue.

Based on information from PTC site and forums, it's believed issue could be caused by a service blocked, a service with slow execution, or issues with the garbage collection in JVM.

Logs for the day have been cleared and attached is the logs status after a few minutes after restart, and also the logs after the crash and a further restart.

If the logs are collected during the day, files get quite large with errors

Thingworx navigation becomes slow for a few seconds and then works as normal, which might indicate an stop of the world activity being place, this is the first step before the system becomes too slow and unresponsive.

Memory allocation to Java has been increased to 75% of the available memory

Binding policy has been change to Last in wins, since we have to be shutting down the VM from time to time to be able to run thingworx again and this was a problem in the past where first in policy caused issues.

Attached logs also have debug mode and trace enabled for 30sec each.

Several months ago we had a performance issue (not quite the same but the same scale) and feedback from PTC was to just fresh install Thingworx 8.5 instead of 8.4 that we had,

We did that and it worked but we weren't able to export all the assets and things that we had previously created. We can always install a newer version of Thingworx and we are actually keen on doing it, but we are concerned that even if that fixes the issue for a while, something like this will keep happening to us at some point.


Thanks a lot in advance for your time.



I would go with the recommendation from PTC support and continue to engage them if you keep seeing this issue even when on 8.5 (or 9.x etc)

PTC Support has the tools etc. to help you properly troubleshoot your issues.

Hi @Pedro_Sanchez.


If you have found the solution for your issue, please feel free to post it here for the benefit of others with the same issue.





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