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Unable to execute services from Rest Api


Unable to execute services from Rest Api

Hi Team,

I am using Postman(GET/POST) to execute services of LicensingSubsystem, but unable to execute.


I am using below url:-




I am getting result in JSON till LicensingSubsystem(only with GET request but not with POST).


Even I tried with one of the Datatable thing also but result is also the same for Datatables.

Have also attached the screenshot of one test thing displaying that No "Services" link option is present. In case of "LicensingSubsystem" I am getting only option of "ServiceDefinitions".


Can somebody help me on this.

What would be the actual url to execute the services of Subsystems ?


Thanks in advance.



Hello @ranjank 


Please refer the following article to resolve your query


Please revert in case of further concern.



Om Dukiya

Hello @ranjank,


You can use http://<url>:8066/Thingworx/Subsystems/LicensingSubsystem/Services/GetDaysRemainingInLicense in Postman with the POST option the same is valid for http://<url>:8066/Thingworx/Subsystems/LicensingSubsystem/Services/GetCurrentLicenseInfo

Also define the appKey and Content-Type from the Headers section in Postman.
 Let me know if this works for you.


Thank you,

Hello @ranjank,


GET is being used to retrieve a value and POST to execute a service.

If you want to get more information you can check Updating, Deleting, and Executing Through the API

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