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X-Axis Date alignment issue in line chart widget


X-Axis Date alignment issue in line chart widget

Facing issue with x-axis date alignment(YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss). It is not displaying the full date format. It is showing only the 2 digits of year if we have multiple data.




Please specify which version of the program you are using.

Latest version 9.3

Hello @PG_10250187 


I have found this article which seems relevant to your issue:

pls verify once and let me know if you need anything further.




Hi Bhavana,


No, it didn't helped.

Hello @PG_10250187


I have looked at what you describe in ThingWorx 9.3.0. If you place the mouse over the x axis items you should get a popup box which shows the data which is represented. (see the below item).


I am not sure you have the option to adjust the height of the X Axis to avoid having the date shortened and the 3 dots




Yes, if I hover on the dots, then it displays the full date format. But I need the date to be displaced completely.


I want that x-axis label to be displayed completely




The R&D group is looking into a long term solution. As a work around for now, Please only use the ‘HorizontalAxisMaxHeight' property and ask them to uncheck 'HorizontalAxisLabelsRotation’ this way their x-axis value will be visible.


This change should allow you to get the full X Axis label to be fully displayed (in the current version)
Please give this a try and let me know the results.



Thank you for the reply.


I tried and the issue got fixed now. But other rotations are not working as expected.





I have shared the results with R&D. I am waiting for other possible work arounds.

Is the only label rotation which is not desired the X-Axis rotation?
Please let me know of any other issues.

Hello @PG_10250187,

I have received an update from R&D, the issue has been identified as a feature which needs to be updated. TW-98153 is the Identifier which has been assigned to the issue. 


Hope that helps.