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collection mashup


collection mashup


I am using Collection Widgets to add Mashups on a Mashup. The collection of widgets I created are like shapes of mashups which I must fill data inside (Through paremeters for example? How?). Explanation:


Here you can see my collection widget displaying 2 different mashups

(Imagin I have to add 4 confirmation Messages (Collection Object 1)

and 2 Introduce Values(Collection Object 2):


I fill the collection widget using a specific ID and the name of the mashup to each Object of the collection:



How can I pass different data to each Mashup of the collection? But remember the Mashup can be the same as I am using them as shapes.

For example:

Field Text Mashup 1= The valve is open.

Field Text Mashup 2= The valve is close.

Field Text Mashup 3= The temperature is >20ºC.


My idea was to have a service inside the Mashup and som ID input of a service. So when I fill all the collection, as every Single object of the Collection widget has an ID, it will be passed to the service inside the mashup and bring data from a property I have saved.

But my problem o step I want to achieve is to establish this ID as input of every single object (Mashup) of the collection widget.


Thanks ins advance,




22-Sapphire I

Collection Widget allows you to pass an infotable of information and map each row value. So as long as your infotable has the right information per displayed row in the collection, I don't see why this can't be done.

23-Emerald II

Hi @AitorP.


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