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Publish Windchill Annotations for viewing in ThingWorx Navigate


Publish Windchill Annotations for viewing in ThingWorx Navigate

I learned today that when you save an Annotation from Creo View in a CAD Document opened from Windchill, the Annotation is saved in the Content tab of that CAD Document in Windchill.





Cool! I want to be able to use this further and view that Annotation via ThingWorx Navigate (actually so manufacturing can see it). When I created a new Representation from Windchill, I was hoping the Annotation would be Published along with the CAD Document and that I would find it when I opened the CAD Document from the View and Measure in 3D App in Thingworx Navigate. That was not the case however. 


Does any one know if what I am trying to do is possible? and if so how to do it?  I imagine maybe it is in the setup of the Publisher... 


This is posted in the Windchill forum as well.


It is possible to do this.
I got it to work in my test environment.
1. Created Annotation Set in Creo View (named as Anno1)
2. Saved to Windchill as in your description
3. Opened the apporpiate CAD part in Navigate (View & Measure in 3D)
4. In the new Creo View session you can see the tab "Annotation Sets" and select "Anno1"
5. Here you go:



Thanks for looking into it. I followed these same steps prior to making the post and my system results in no Annotation Set in Creo View. I further created a New Representation from Windchill thinking it would include the new Annotation Set. Your steps and the extra step of Creating a New Representation did not work. I think there must be a system configuration difference between yours and mine.




One thing that you chould check is the difference between CAD Part (EPMDoc) and WTPart in ThingWorx Navigate and Windchill.
First you should check if Annotation set is also available on WTPart in Windchill


If it is not available, you should configure ThingWorx Navigate "Object type to find" to "CAD Document" or both.


Then you can see ifopening the EPMDoc in Navigate will change your behaviour.

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