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CoCreate Personal Edition

Re: CoCreate Personal Edition

Hi Arwin

"You mentioned you were in the Alibre forum. How would you rate/compare Alibre (free version) to CoCreate PE?"

I'm a hobbyst, and I'm looking for a 3D software. At this point I don't have budget for a full system, neither justify. So, I'm studying the options, because more than a small ($99 for Alibre) or free cost, the time I will invest learning any of them is somewhat high.So, I'm unable to tell you about each program, but:

  1. I think is pontless an offer like PE3, even free, if I have no way to generate an output file that I could send to a CNC machine. Even supposing (I'm not sure) that I could extratc/print 2D drawings, this is the past, not the present or future. So, I would not spent my time with PE3, if it's true that I can't generate some sort of file. It's being hard to me to believe that. Sorry Gary, not that I'm doubting of your words, but it seems so non-sense to me...
  2. at Alibre's forum, I was asking exctly I supposed I had found here (in fact I didn't), that is, some kind of limitation based JUST on some sort of "size" of the project and not cutted features. Here you have size (60) and a no-sense no output cut.
  3. What I can tell for you now is that they have a $99 version that has some features cutted, and I argued about a "size" limitation instead, and even the VP there was very explanatory, and following the link above, you can follow that discussion and take your conclusions. At least, seems to me that there you can send to CNC some sort of output... you canot control a CNC machine directly, but you an send files.



Re: CoCreate Personal Edition


I have both Alibre Expert (used almost for nothing but 3D PDF publisher after importing assembly from CoCreate at work.)

as well as CoCreate (15.50c) user.

It took me good two years to be able to use CoCreate, but after that PE3 is invaluable since it can freely produce 2D drawing with grate ease of use.

But again, it depends, because CoCreate is not as easy as Alibre in terms of basic usage.

There are a lot of snippets under the hood.

But, like myself who is the standard CoCreate User, it is very handy and nice to have it at home to keep continue to work after I exported my current project with the real version.

Also, please note, that they once had a big bargaining on upgrade from PE2 to real version. It was only 2,500 US$ which is outrageous.

I am awaiting for the next PE3 low budget upgrading anxiously.....but it may not happen, who knows.

As an Alibre user, I can only say that there was no crucial failure or damage while I am working with CoCreate, while with Alibre, I always waste my time only for loading the model which could be loaded fraction of a time as compare to the Alibre's loading time.

Alibre itself may not be guilty, though, because most of the shortcoming comes mainly from ACIS than Albibre..

Spatial Dassault Systems is the ACIS supplier for Alibre, and they are, so to say, rather greedy on the income than the performance to me.

This is my personal impression and nothing to do with the real world.

So, please take this opinion as neutral as possible.

Thank you for your paying attention.

BTW, I love CoCreate's performance on the large assembly and it's flexibility on the creation on any Factory automation machine making.

Most cases, 2D annotation performance is impressive and it can easily be accommodated into existing ME10 2D drawing so I can still work with the hair of the ME10 2D drafting drawers team.

A happy new year to all and thanks to CoCreate's great contribution to the both new achievements and their efforts.