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Vuforia Chalk Best Practices

21-Topaz I

Vuforia Chalk Best Practices

To ensure your Chalk experience is the best, make sure to familiarize yourself with the below best practices.



  • Keep movement fluid and slow
  • Forward and backward smooth motion is best to allow device to create mapping
  • Small circles in front of the object are also good
    • Note: Do not rotate your device - keep the device's orientation fixed, moving it parallel to the object of interest and keeping the latter in view during initialization movement


  • It is important for the environment to have a lot of saliency, interesting features, & textures
    • e.g. Stickers, buttons, cables, images/designs, shapes with corners, etc
  • Stationary objects are best for Chalking
  • Reflective, plain colored, or blank surfaces are not good for using Chalk Marks
  • Well-lit areas are best for Chalk performance
    • If an environment is too dark the device's camera will not be able to detect objects
    • External light may be needed if the environment is too dark
      • Either user can toggle the flash on


  • Low bandwidth will result in poor video quality
  • Ensure that you have good bandwidth

Chalk Marks

  • Use simple drawings to communicate instructions
  • Circles, lines, & arrows work best
  • Delete Chalk Marks that are no longer needed to reduce clutter
  • Use the pause button to draw on a steady image
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