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Updating ThingWorx Properties from Vuforia Studio

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ThingWorx properties can be updated from a Vuforia Studio experience. 


Below is a simple example:

  • Create a test Thing and a test property for the Thing in ThingWorx :1.jpg


  • Create a service for the Thing with text input parameter(Test) and add the below code to update the TestProperty value:2.jpg


  • Click Done and Save the Thing
  • In Vuforia Studio, Add a Text Input widget and a Button widget in 2D canvas
  • Add the service of the Thing in the External data Panel
  • Now, bind the Text property of the ‘Text Input’ widget to the Test Parameter of the service as shown below:3.jpg


  • Bind the Click event of the Button widget to the Service to update the value of Thing property in ThingWorx4.jpg


  • Test the experience by clicking Preview. Enter text in the Text Input widget and click the button. The Thing property should then be updated. 



If you are creating a public experience, ensure that run time permissions for the es-public-access user have been assigned to the properties, events and services of the entity. 

  1. From ThingWorx composer, open the entity whose data must be accessed by a public experience
  2. Click the Permissions icon in the last column of the row containing the entity
  3. Click Run Time under Permissions
  4. Under All Properties, Events, Services, use the search box to find and add the es-public-access user
  5. Click green dot under the appropriate permissions columnsScreenshot_31.png


  6. Click Save

See the Vuforia Studio Help Center for more information on granting user permissions in ThingWorx for Vuforia Studio.


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