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What's New in Vuforia Studio 9.0.2

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Vuforia Studio

  • New widgets for 3D Eyewear projects:
    • 3D Press Button
      • We recommend using a 3D Press Button in place of the 3D Button, as the 3D Button widget will be deprecated in a future release.
      • A few things to keep in mind:
        • In May, the 3D Button widget will no longer available for new projects. This will not immediately affect existing projects that contain 3D Button widgets, and you will still be able to edit and re-publish projects that contain them.
        • In the future (TBD) all existing 3D Buttons will be transitioned to 3D Press Buttons. More information on this transition will be forthcoming.
    • 3D Image Button
    • 3D Toggle Button
    • 3D Checkbox
    • 3D Panel
  • Ability to pin and unpin 3D Audio and 3D Video widgets in runtime
    • image.png
  • German and Simplified Chinese now fully supported for HoloLens 2 voice commands
    • If your HoloLens was set to English when you installed Vuforia View, you'll need to delete it and reinstall after you've changed your language setting to Simplified Chinese or German
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements

Vuforia View

  • Bug fixes and minor improvements

Experience Service

  • Support for PostgreSQL 11.6 and 12.4
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements
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