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What's New in Vuforia Studio 9.4.0

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Vuforia Studio

  • New Page Size property for the 3D Document widget allows you to select automatic sizing based on common paper sizes
  • Improvements to tooltips throughout the user interface to provide more details information
  • Bug fixes
    • Issues with occurrence path definitions have been resolved
    • Model training processing issues for Advanced Model training have been resolved
    • Sequence hiding issues in Preview mode have been resolved; the model is now properly hidden when configured correctly
    • Issues with property values not being loaded to Vuforia Studio when the Experience Service is run as HTTP have been resolved

Vuforia View

  • Vuforia View is no longer supported on HoloLens (1st gen) devices. Support for HoloLens 2 devices will continue uninterrupted
  • Bug Fixes
    • HoloLens 2
      • Auto-focus issue resolved
      • Issues with Creo Illustrate animations have been resolved
      • Navigation issues and possible process problems when switching views have been resolved
      • Guide views now appear correctly in new experiences that contain Area Targets
    • Windows
      • Auto-focus issue resolved
      • Issue with app freezing when opening certain Gallery experiences has been resolved
    • iOS
      • Auto-focus issue resolved
      • QR Code recognition issue that prevented users from opening experiences with long names has been resolved
    • RealWear
      • Auto-focus issue resolved
      • Issue with Up and Down commands being unresponsive on Library page has been resolved

Experience Service

  • Studio Client ID is now configurable when installing an Experience Service with SSO authentication
  • Ability to configure one instance of ThingWorx with multiple Experience Services
  • Bug Fixes
    • Experience Services configured to use SSO can now be validated in Vuforia Studio
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