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C15041523 * Sev 3 * Windchill PDMLink 10.2 M030-CPS27


C15041523 * Sev 3 * Windchill PDMLink 10.2 M030-CPS27

The customer opened this case with the description


The Hyperlink attribute is currently limited to 200 characters,

but this is too short to contain links to Creo View annotations within Windchill itself.


Customer needs to increase the length to about 600 characters or come up with another

means of linking fields/attributes in a WTPart subtype to specific Creo View annotations.


I suggested the following articles as possibilities here


CS155068 – How to extend the length of the WTPart's Name attribute


CS36423 – Is it possible to extend the column length of Modeled Attributes of type String


CS24652 – What is the maximum length of a global string attribute


CS213940 –  Is it possible to increase the column length of a modeled attribute to accept over 1333 characters


At least one of those articles indicates that the out of the box String Length is already 500 characters. 

Customer feels that could be enough for most URLs they would encounter,

but their current Hyperlink attribute stops at 200.


The attribute they’re working with seems to be primarily tied with the Requirement type (com.ptc.windchill.enterprise.requirement.Requirement)

This indicates the underlying data-type is


with an internal name of “com.ptc.reql.integrity.HyperLink


I’ve found nothing on the Support site that indicates a size-limit on the URL or HyperLink attribute.

The underlying DATABASE type for URL (Oracle / UriType) seems to be the “varchar2” Java Type.

Which allows up to 4000 byte.


Can anyone offer suggestions / advice on best adapting the appropriate procedure to that object type ?


There’s a Webex recording (here) showing just what the customer is trying to do.

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