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Categorize Pass Count for Test Objective


Categorize Pass Count for Test Objective

Hello Community,

the test result metrics are calculated via the field "Test Objective Pass Count" and a special undocumented (?) function "resultcountbysession()" that looks via an query backed relationship on all "Completed Test Sessions" (query) to count the test results (for "pass", "fail", "other").

For example, the computation from the ALM solution for passed tests is:

isEmpty(resultcountbysession(Tests,byDocument(true,true),0,"Completed Test Sessions","pass"),0)

# The number of test cases with a pass verdict type last result from completed test sessions.  Only results for this specific test objective (not related test objectives) are included.

My problem is now to split up the test results by the Category of the Tests items, e.g. "System Test", "Software Test", etc.

But how to add the condition for the category in this computation?

I assume that I have to add fields per category like "Test Objective <category> Pass Count" and so on, and add the "Total <category> Pass Count" accordingly with the same hierarchical summing-up as for the grand totals.

Has anyone an idea how to dig for it?

Thanx for your help



Hi there,


Have you been able to solve this issue? I ran into something similar.

Hope to hear from you.


Best regards,