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Change host attached to sandbox


Change host attached to sandbox

My PTC Integrity moved server boxes, but now all my Sandboxes can't be opened because PTC keeps trying to attach to the old host. How can I fix this without dropping all my sandboxes and recreating them? Thanks!


Hi Jim,

What version of Integrity are you on now?  Did your Integrity version remain the same, during this "hostname" change?

The sandboxes are tied to the hostname, so you'll have to drop the sandboxes, and pick that "Nothing" gets deleted, and then you can reimport them. 

That's the only way to do this, unfortunately.

Just for curiosity:

Would't be retargetsandbox also be the same (or another option with other side effects )?

At least from the gui (Integrity 10.4) there is a button to change the server connection.


It looks like as of Integrity 10.8 and higher, "si retargetsandbox" will also accomplish this, so check that out.

Prior to 10.8 though, I don't believe that is available.  It might look like it was, but I don't believe the functionality was fully implemented prior to 10.8.

No, didn't work and I'm using 10.9.

The only thing that has worked is adding a dummy entry into my hosts file for my old machine.

Shame because I didn't really want to drop all my sandboxes and import again.


Just as a hint (maybe this can make you happier)

You could use

si sandboxes > my_sandboxes.txt

and use my_sandboxes.txt as a copy and paste template for

a batch file that drops and reimports all your sandboxes with the help of cli commands.

(paranoid as I am, I might also backup or zip all my sandbox directories or at least the project.pj files within )

Generating such a my_sandboxes.txt might be also a good idea if you plan a fresh

OS install on your machine or other actions that might affect the sandbox registry.

(or just to have a snapshot list of your currently registered sandboxes)


For Version 10.4 I also vaguely remember once having the situation where recreating the sandbox (without populating and recursing)

was more helpful than importing.