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Determine Document Filters


Determine Document Filters

Is there a way to determine what filters a user has on the selected view? For example, if I already know:



is there a way to find out what filter is currently on document 1234 in window documentview?


Accepted Solutions

If you use my very special java code, yes.

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Hi Nolin,

not yet sure about the latest releases, but in 10.6 you can't get this filter easily.

In one of my own development for a client, I was able to get it finally using my own Gateway extensions. In fact I am pulling the filter data with a very specific java class (just like to describe it this way)

My own business case was a Dynamic Word Export - exactly what you can do in Excel with "Item Export to Excel" - but in Word. Customer request was to get formatted text and also images out of the current Integrity Document (thats why Word). And, he was so happy about it that he had also in mind to get the filtered rows only. So I had to pull the current filter from Integrity.

Whats your specifc business case?



Since Integrity lacks a Find & Replace, I wanted to export the filtered list of document nodes in HTML format to Excel to allow the find and replace to be done there. Then I wanted to reimport them back in. There are a few other pieces required to make this work but I wanted to start with getting the filtered nodes. We are currently using 10.9. I realize that I could make a UI to do a Find & Replace like Word has, which may be the eventual solution, but I wanted to see if this alternate solution using Excel to do the Find & Replace could be done.



Ah, thats your Use Case!

You want to export to excel and then find-replace and then push back?

Why not directly creating a new custom form and do this find-replace their?

Such as Custom > Find/Replace?

Then, you dont need to download anything. You might also be able to do this kind of preview by executing a query beforehand and just display the result counter.

What about that?

That's what I was getting at before as another potential solution. Doing it in Excel would just allow some other capabilities using Excel functions to rearrange text. Also, we would be able to edit styles in the HTML. I do realize how this could be doing using a custom form though although ideally I would like to be able to scope the search to the filtered nodes. I have a few custom forms already for rearranging nodes within the document so it wouldn't be that difficult to add this other form.

Ok, got it.

I have written Custom Exporter and Loaders for Excel only. They are based on the Gateway.

They use the ITEM ID or any other reference as identifier. They handle also updates.

Not sure if its needed for your case - perhaps our Excel Integration does what you want?

Did you try this Integrity Standard Excel integration out ?

The form I have in mind for you - as the base - is this:


Although I created it for another Use Case (formatting Headings to the correct html level), it does mainly exactly what you want:

a) it filters the doc data to what you expect (in your case paragraphs with the search word)

b) it askes you if want to proceed (preview at least the numbers of paragraphs that will be affected)

c) it performs the update in the document (in your case the "replace" action)

Are you interested in getting this solution?

- Volker

Does this somehow get the filters that the user has set on the document?

If you use my very special java code, yes.

Would it be possible to just help me implement that part? Or is that in a compiled jar that you wouldn't want to release the code for? Also, Didier is still on site. I think he's familiar with some of your code since we're using your Gateway Driver tool.

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