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Does it make sense to close the voting at PTC-commented ideas?


Does it make sense to close the voting at PTC-commented ideas?

Hi all,

i appreciate very much that the idea section is apparently read and sometimes even classifyed by PTC employees. But if an idea is marked "for future consideration" (as an example) this idea is closed for voting. Does it make sense? Even ideas with no votes could be closed this way, and if these "future consideration" starts anytime later, this idea may be seen as not very interesting, because no one has voted for it.

cheers, Jens


Hello Jens,

                  A Idea's State is updated based on the Enhancement request and the value such a feature will bring to our customers, the number of votes an Idea has is a secondary or even tertiary factor.

If we do not update the status of an Idea, there is no way for us to know which of these can be mapped with future projects.

At this point we are ensuring all Ideas marked as Future Consideration remain on our Internal Radar so they can be mapped with the UI Replacement Project. As & when we reach a point where we can either say that the Idea will be taken up in the new UI or simply not valid in the new UI, we will try and update the cases accordingly.

And there are some Ideas that never got voted because we commented, the very day they were filed as Future Consideration because they made complete sense, and there were no questions to be asked.

Hope this response answers your questions & concerns.


Kartik Oak

Hello Kartik,

We all know that not every Idea will be implemented within the next release.

That's why we all assumed that the counter itself will be an identification for PTC which enhancement will be considered at first.

After reading your response this identification will not be used.

My current customer is asking which attribute then will affect the implementation priority.

Is there any process description that I can hand over to my client to help them much better to understand how the "Idea" process is implemented?

This should also include the steps a person from customer side won't see directly.

Anything available to share here in this community?


Hi Volker,

                I did not state that it will not be used but I said it is not the primary factor & I did mention to support my statement that there are some good ideas that we picked up because they are very clear and align with the direction we are taking.

Currently I think everyone knows we are pursuing the UI Replacement Project- everything that aligns with this project is a candidate that we will review closely at this point in time.

I don't have any process material to share with the community.




I agree with Jens, we should be allowed to vote on an idea even after you've considered it. We're not saying you shouldn't change its state, just that the state should be independent of voting ability.

The reason for allowing that is that then, you have a validation that the idea makes sense and people want it.

Actually, since you say that the "value such a feature will bring to our customers" is a main factor, how do you quantify it? Surely, the number of votes by users on this forum should be an indicator of value to customers.



     So if we want ability to continue Voting on an Idea even after it's state is For Future Consideration, then we need to include Toby Metcalf‌ as he should be bale to tell us if the underlying infrastructure of this community site would allow him to provide such a feature.




I fully agree with Jens and Laurent.

For us, the customer votes seem to be a clear indication of the "value such a feature will bring to our customers".

So there should be an ability to continue voting also in the state "For Future Consideration".

Nevertheless, a process description on how the implementation priority is determined would be great.

I guess that we are not the only customers who sometimes feel lost with the Integrity design considerations and the direction the product development goes.

We know the next big target is the UI Replacement Project and we appreciate the customer involvement (although it is on a too high abstraction level for our users), but it seems as if any other development gets lost on this way.

This is an excellent discussion and think you for bringing it to my attention Kartik Oak

Something that PTC can improve on is our Ideas process: collecting, processing, and giving feedback and I thank the Integrity team for the steps they have taken.

Regarding voting once a Idea has moved into "For Future Consideration:" the good new is that because it has moved to that status, PTC has determined:

  1. The idea is popular with customers
  2. The idea is possible for us to implement

I cannot turn on the ability to continue voting once the status has changed, that is within Jive - however, those who have voted AND commented have proven the merit. 

Comments on the Idea are still possible and I encourage:

  1. Those who like the idea to say so
  2. Those who are looking for status / updates to ask

Please let me know if you have additional questions.



23-Emerald II

There is another setting, "Under Consideration" still allows voting but conveys the same intent (in my opinion).


I also support to make Ideas still votable in state "for future consideration".


Hi Jens-Uwe,

I dont think so we should close to posting our ideas as said by Volker Eckardt‌ " Not every idea will be implemented in upcoming releases " . So , i think we should go on same way as we are going for Idea Posting.