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Error -MKS Integrity Viewset cannot be found


Error -MKS Integrity Viewset cannot be found

Error -MKS Integrity Viewset cannot be found (migrated thread) Posted: Apr 13, 2012 5:38 AM

   Jayaram.K     Posts: 1   Registered: Apr, 2012

I am using MKS 2007 Integrity Client .Earlier it was working properly .But one day when i tried to open it , the following error occurred 'MKS integrity viewset cannot be found' and thereby i am unable to open it.I tried reinstalling but it did not work   
I am using the same MKS software as my colleagues are using .But the Service pack numbers and build numbers are differing .My colleagues are able to open it properly .I have checked with my manager that there is no license related problem also
my Build No:
my Service pack no:007-01

colleagues' Build no :
colleagues' Service pack no :011-01

Please help me in solving this problem .Thanks in advance


Re: Error -MKS Integrity Viewset cannot be found Posted: Apr 16, 2012 5:13 PM
Posted By:   mlizak     Posts: 72 /  Registered: Feb, 2011  
Hello Jayaram,

It is usually recommended that you use the same version as the server that you are on.  Your system administrator should be able to supply you with the version of Integrity client which matches up to your Integrity server.

Having said that, there are a number of possibilities which could explain this.  Please call Integrity Technical Support if you require further help with this issue.


Kind Regards,
Kael Lizak

Senior Technical Support Engineer
PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager


it doesn't matter whether you are using same client like server or not.

Ongoing work with a viewset means that every change done to the viewset will be saved.

And one day this error may occur.

What to ?

Either you download the compromitted viewset new from the server or any other location (if for example company-specific viewsets are hosted in an intranet (2007-viewsets that can't be distributed via Integrity-server)),


you create it new.

Back to the error:

It can happen. It would be a good idea to save a working version of your viewsets as a fallback.



try this suggestion from the PTC Integrity support KB:

re-import the viewset as follows:

  • Disconnect the current client session.
  • Navigate to the .mks folder stored in the user home directory (for example, in Windows 7 this would probably be something like C:\Users\username\.mks). Within the .mks folder you will find a viewset folder. Move the viewset folder to a new location of your choosing.
  • Re-establish a client connection. Once connected to the Integrity Server, you can import any ViewSets accordingly.
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