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Gateway export: create hyperlinks with HTTPs URLs


Gateway export: create hyperlinks with HTTPs URLs

Our Integrity Server uses the HTTPs protocol and is not reachable via HTTP.


We want to export Test Suites and Test cases to Word documents using the Integrity export wizard (Gateway).

For the exported Test Suites and Test Cases there should be links to the items in Integrity web view. These links are dynamically generated by the Gateway tool and This is archieved by placeholders in the export template: <%ID hyperlink = true%>. The Problem is that the protocol of these links is always HTTP and not HTTPs. So all the generated links don't work.


The Gateway user guide says the hostname and the port of hyperlinks can be configured in the export configuration of gateway-tool-configuration.xml by <property> sub elements within the <exporter> element:


By default, hyperlinks are of the form:
where hostname is the Integrity Server hostname,
port is the Integrity Server port number, and itemID is
the value for the Integrity item ID number.

If you do not want the server and hostname
information to be dynamically generated by Gateway,
then specify a server and port in the Gateway Wizard
Configuration File (gatewaytoolconfiguration.
xml) using the hostname
and port properties in the desired configuration block.
That server and port information is then used for all
hyperlinks created during


But there seems to be no configuration property for the protocol:

Is it possible to let the Gateway tool generate hyperlinks with https:// instead of http:// URLs?


This is our export configuration:


            <name>MS Word Export (Test Suite)</name>
            <description>Exports Test Suites to Microsoft Word docx format</description>
            <exporter id="MSWORD">
                <property name="template">...</property>          
                <property name="hostname">...</property>        
                <property name="port">7001</property>  


                <!-- dosn't work: -->

                <property name="protocol">https</property>        
            <title-field>Document Title</title-field>


Currently you cannot have hyperlinks to the items with https. SPR 7193788 has been posted.

I know. This support article has been created after I opened a case at the PTC support.