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How to deploy custom WAR files in Integrity 12.2?


How to deploy custom WAR files in Integrity 12.2?

How to deploy custom WAR files in Integrity 12.2?

Deploying wars in IntegrityServerInstallFolder/server/mks/deploy doesnt work.

we restarted service as well

but no luck.

we tested on local Tomcat, it works fine.

do we have any details on this?


Hi @cummins2019 ,


Just try to put them in Client Directory (<ClientInstallDirectory)>/check.war) and then try to launch them with URL something like this (http://<hostname>:<Installationport>/check.war) , i am not 100% sure but just give a try..



It looks like with the changes done in the Integrity 12 and higher versions, to accommodate architectural changes from JBoss to Tomcat, there is more customization needed.



If it's a war file from prior JBoss/Integrity usage, it would need to be made compatible with Tomcat.

ex. Modifying the existing deployment descriptor "web.xml" and also creating a web service deployment descriptor "sun-jaxws.xml" in the war file.


Seems like the general steps for a Tomcat .war file, as I understsand it, would be:

Copy the custom war file to following location in server install directory : server/mks/deploy/
2. Create a xml file in following location in server install directory : server/conf/Catalina/localhost/

        The name of the xml file should be same as the context in the URL. Generally format of URL is like, http://<hostname>:<port>/<context>;
        Example: If the URL is http://localhost:7001/demo/sample then name of xml file should be demo#sample.xml. Note that / in URL's context is to be replaced by # in name.
        Then add below content to xml file:
        <Context docBase="${catalina.base}/mks/deploy/<name of custom war file>.war" crossContext="true" cookies="false">
        <Manager pathname=""/>
        <JarScanner scanClassPath="false" scanAllFiles="false" scanAllDirectories="false">
                <JarScanFilter tldSkip="*.*"/>

In the above example content replace <name of custom war file>.war with the name of custom war file.

Consulting with PTC's services/solutions folks, seems like it might be a good avenue. 

still facing the error:


2019-09-11 07:56:05,023 ERROR [mksis.IntegrityServer] * * * * ERROR * * * * (0): javax.servlet.ServletException -- javax.servlet.ServletException: Servlet.init() for servlet [Add_ON_Helper] threw exception


Caused by: org.glassfish.jersey.server.internal.scanning.ResourceFinderException: The URI scheme war of the URI war:file:/apps/cummins/Integrity/IntegrityServer10/server/mks/deploy/AddOnHelper.war*/WEB-INF/classes/com/main/ is not supported. Package scanning deployment is not supported for such URIs.
Try using a different deployment mechanism such as explicitly declaring root resource and provider classes using an extension of