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List Change Packages of multiple items within another item


List Change Packages of multiple items within another item

Dear Community,

we would like to achieve the following.

We have an Item called 'Realisation Order'. Related to this (forward) we have an Item called 'Implementation Task', this one can carry ChangePackages.

We would like to show a list of all Change Packages (and Change Package entries) within the parent item. (Realisation Order).

When trying this via a Query I can of course list all Tasks that have a Change Package (

But I have no option to list the Changepackages and their IDs. Furthermore I cannot list the entries.

I know how to create such an overview by using a report, but we would like to integrate this into the Item View.

So basically there is 2 questions:

Is there a possibility to list the ChangePackages within the 'parent item'?

Is there any possibility to integrate a report into an Item Presentation Template?

I am of course open for different approaches. Maybe it helps to understand our motivation. We want to allow our Integrator to have a convenient overview about all the relevant ChangePackages he needs to build the Software.

Thanks for you help in advance.

Best Regards,


PS: I was also thinking about computation a field to get the required information, but I couldn't really find a starting point for this.


si viewcps %Realization_OrderNumber

Example: si viewcps 123456

A technique that I have used in the past is to run an item report, capture the HTML that is generated, and then update an RTF field on the item with the HTML. When using this technique I make the RTF field read-only for users, and writeable by a service account.

Since running reports in a trigger is generally bad practice due to the possibly time required, there are different approaches to making this work. My preferred approach is through web services running on a different server, although that approach isn't for everyone. This particular request could be scripted as well, where a trigger runs an external process (on Windows this would be BAT or CMD, possibly PS1) and in that process the report is generated, sending the output to a temporary file, the file is then read in and the item field updated.

The advantage to this approach is that you can modify the report recipe to alter the look and feel whenever needed, without having to recode anything. Of course, you need to decide how and when you want the report updated. You could set your trigger to run the report whenever a CP is closed, or added, or whatever makes sense, or you could schedule a trigger to run on intervals. Without knowing more about the end goal, it's hard to recommend a particular direction for when to run the report.