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PTC Integrity with Jenkins: Error ""


PTC Integrity with Jenkins: Error ""

On our Jenkins Build-Server is the MKS-PTC Plugin Version 1.25 running.

When connecting to the Integrity-Server, the Plugin runs into the following failure:

Populating clean workspace...
java.lang.Exception: writing aborted;
Finished: FAILURE

Maybe the reason is due to our server architecture. The Jenkins are all Slaves that are not connected directly to the proxy but are hidden behind the master.

Running Jenkins with PTC-Plugin on a local Client-PC directly connected to the proxy, everything is working fine.

Can anyone help me with that curious issue?


Hello Bernd,

Was the Jenkins integration done with the help of Integrity Global Services? If so, you may want to direct this question to the individuals who helped implement it.

Unfortunately, I don't have much knowledge of the Jenkins integration myself.

Does anyone else have any experience with Jenkins?



Kind Regards,
Kael Lizak

Senior Technical Support Engineer
PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager

Hi Bernd,

We sucessfully use the following setup:

We have only one Jenkins Master that has connection the the Integrity Server master (we do not use the FSA). This Jenkins performs only "getWorkspace" jobs that handle all the SCM related actions (polling schedule / download filtered workspace / change recording / checkpointing ). After the Workspace is sucessfully updated, each "getWorkspace" job uses the "Clone-SCM" Plugin to create a ZIP file of the entire workspace.

We have a farm of plenty Jenkins "Build-Slaves" that have no connection to Integrity at all. All Jobs on these slaves use the "clone workspace" setting, to download the Workspace ZIP they need from the master Jenkins. After a build every Slave cleans up it's workspace.

This ensures similar source code in a clean environment for each build configuration and also reduces the Integrity connections and workload. It is even faster, as (in our enviroment) it takes almost as long to download a workspace as it takes to perfom a single build. Given an average of > 4 build targets per workspace, we are faster using the clone-plugin.

General Note on your exception:

I see see "" in your exception. Are you sure your Jenkins Account has all ACL permisisons he needs?


It is is extremely importent to use the "right" JRE for your Jenkins (master or slave).

If you are not I10.5, you should not use a release newer than JRE_7_u_40. See the IntegrityPlugin jira for details

I'd recomment JRE_7_u_25.

HTH Matthias

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