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Package State configuration (entry scripts in ModelStateDescriptor.txt)


Package State configuration (entry scripts in ModelStateDescriptor.txt)

Thanks for the valuable information. Right now i have upgraded version of modeler 9.4. I badly need the below information.


I need to automate some of the process using 'Change package state' option under tools using ModelStateDescriptor.txt file that we have in the upgraded 9.4 version. When i enter a state, using EntryScript im able to do Package name validation and increment package versions (using which i can just undo a change) but i want to create a verison of a model (Which i do using Model manager )or do a export of that package within that 'CommitState' function of that Entry Script.
Can i custmize entryScripts to do the below:
1. Automate Versioning, branching, merging, clone etc. of model using external commands just like what we do in model Manager manually (without using git).
2. I see there is no Direct integration of Git to Modeler. so i may need to export models to a directory inside CommitState function entryScript on a state change event and then use git externally to version my exports.
3. Whenever i Change ModelStateDescriptor.txt file, and if the project is already open in Modeler, it doesnt resfreh on clicking 'Change package state' but need to reopen the project. can we fix this? so that the new state reflect on the tol whenever the file is changed.
4. I need to see tracebility in a single customized stereotype. Ex. want to have a Stereotype that has all the properties links like 'Satisfied, verified allocated. one click to show all traces of a block in a diagram.
5. I need to add my own custom Pop up windows on a commitState or Any other function on Entering a state.

6. I also need some assistance in writing VB scripts to customize some features of the modeler to use the 'Automation interface features' Also to add additional command promt scripts using on the Custom tool Ribbon and modify something on the model etc etc....


Please share some presentation regarding Customization and web interface.

Thanks in advanced. Your reply would help a lot. Thanks






I moved this to a new thread as it covers different topics.


You can find chapters in the product Help that cover customization and Web Interface:


We can also offer training and consulting on these topics, let me or your sales representative know if you are interested.


I’ll ask some of our experts to respond to the specific questions above.




Thanks for the email.


I went through the documents from Product 'Help' support but that does not seem to help my issue.

1. I need some material for using 'Automation Interface' using script. Where I can fetch a object attribute of a Active project and write it on the console or any file (ex. Notepad). Now I am able to fetch and modify model attribute using script but want to do something more.
2. Can i call a script ,(That can create a version of model) when I move to a new 'state of package'?
3. Using PTC version control system, Can i commit the change i make in model within a version, revert back to a particular commit and see the commit history just like we do in GIT?

4. What does it mean to create a Package version? Can i revert to any version any time and view history or just undo?
5. Do you provide training for students? or if its consulting or training.. can you provide more details on the same.
Very much interested. thanks 

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