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Reuse a standard report


Reuse a standard report


Context : Integrity provides us standard reports like "Document Content". I'm interested by this report, because it is user friendly : clear, displayed section in order to show all level of requirement and titles, etc...


Expected : to have a compliance matrix. I have create 2 field : "Compliance Status", a pick List field, and "Compliance Comments" (a text field). It's an official document that we need to transmit to our client, or internal services...

I want to do a copy of "Document Content" report in order to create a new report with the same format but with additional fields:

- 2 fields : "Compliance Status" and "Compliance Comments"

- "ID" or "Item ID (Web Link)"

- "Category".


Question : The problem is that this copy of standard report is not modifiable for the content. Impossible to add new fields in the display of the report... I can copy this report but not modify it in order to display additional field.

There is no solution for a customization of this copy of report ?

Thanks for your reply !



For sure you can customize the report.
If the settings during the configuration is not enough, you can always copy the report template file and make needed changes right in the file itself.
Ptc offers a training called Customizing Integrity where this will be trained.
Hope this helps

Hello Volker,

I'm not sure to understand you when you said "make needed changes right in the file itself."

In fact, I have administrator rights. So I have already copy report template file in Integrity Administration (Administration->Workflows and Documents->Reports->Copy Admin Report), and choose different parameters. It's your report template file ?

In this copy, I have not the choice of "Item field" like other report. So I can't to choose display field.



Hello Eudes,

Integrity Reporting is file based.

The files are in <server>\data\reports\recipes

The registration is therefore only one part. The file itself is the second.

Regards, Volker 

Hello Volker,

thanks a lot for this information, I see all the architecture of each report in this folder.

Normally, I can now find a way to customize standard reports!

Best regards,




Hi @edegeis,


Greetings from my side.

I can help you regarding your query "How to edit Report as per your requirement" and can tell you some extra functionality that i added in this report to make my own like export feature, Dynamic Trace Feature etc.

If you need help you can mail me at "".




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