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Matlab synchronization with Integrity LM


Matlab synchronization with Integrity LM

After setting everything correctly as written in the documents and opening the Matlab and LM client as admin, when I try to synchronize my simulink model with Integrity LM, I get the following error:

DEBUG: Integrity Lifecycle Manager Solution Type is required.

and when I again click 'synchronize Model', then following error appears:

DEBUG: MKS157416: MKS157416 No valid types for prefix "model.mathworks" and type property "model.mathworks.type" set to true.
Command cancelled by user.

Could any expert help me on this issue?


Within Integrity administration, do you have a Type named "MKS Solution" their?

Hi Veckardt,

No, I don't have the Type named ' MKS Solution'. How can I add that? In the Matlab Integration tutorial on the PTC university, He didn't instructed to do it.

Thanks for your reply!


Hm, ok.

Next Question: Do you have the following types present?

- Model

- Model Element

- Shared Model Element

- (optional) Simulation?


If not, whats your ALM Configuration based on? Was it hand made or is this based on any known PTC Solution template, such as ALM Template, SysEng Template etc.?

I don't know the ALM configuration. Can you please let me know how can I configure it? Can you recommend me some video/ documents that explains how to use the template

Currently I have the following viewsets available:
Configuration Manager  
Deploy Administrator   
Developer 11   
IBM i Developer   
Integrity User  
Integrity User 11  
Release Manager  

You must talk to the system administrator to get those configuration details.

Its not something a user can do, only experienced system administrators should add types and documents.

Its not a task thats done in a minute. 

If I would have to do it I would count with 1-4h just for the configuration. It very dependeds on the objects and fields you already have in your environment.


My proposal would be to perform the following:

a) analyse what you have (the ViewSet names looking promizing, but we need type and field details)

b) assuming the model elements are missing: install a second environment with the ALM solution and retrieve the configuration from there. Install the missing parts manually or by using one of the existing configuration transport solutions.

c) test all this first in a testing environment properly

d) if ok, plan a production migration accordingly.


Again, the pure configuration would lead up to 4h. Documentation and testing comes on top.

If you want PTC consulting help, please involve your PTC Consulting Sales representative.

Hope this helps and clarifies.