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Adding the Attachment and Structure Column Indicators to the Folder Browser

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This is a quick video tip demonstrating how to add the Attachment and Structure column indicators to the folder browser in Windchill 10.2. These columns are not on by default and often go unnoticed since there is such a long list of columns that can be displayed. When added, any document containing Attachments or Structure will be identified by either the Attachment or Structure icon in the respective column. The icons are links which will bring you directly to the Content tab or the Structure tab.




When I create a new view I do not have the attachments or document structure columns available


Do these have to be turned on somehow?




Attachments Indicator column is new in 10.2 M030 and Document Structure is new in 10.2 M020. There is no special configuration to enable them.

Thanks Scott. We are on 10.2 M020 so that explains why the attachments indicator column is not available but not the document structure. I'll wait until we are upgraded to M030 and check again.

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