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Windchill PLM "CAD Driven BOMs" Tips & Techniques Session Recording (West Coast)

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Check out this video on Using Windchill "CAD Driven BOMs" from PTC Application Engineers

Presenters: Dale Westhoff (Solution Consutlting, Fellow) and Ryan Butcher (Solution Consulting, Fellow).

Original Date Presented: July 20, 2022


To dive deeper into the subject, check out Windchill: Advanced BOM Management with Connected CAD Structures



Webcast Q&A

Question from Chris:  Does the association type of CAD model to WT part effect published file viewing in Navigate?  We might have something set up wrong, but we cannot see published files in Navigate under View Design Files when the content to CAD is an owner link.

Answer:  You create the Design Files as additional files, or secondary content during publish.

Webcast Q&A

Question from Patrick:  Do you have any recommendations for numbering when you have instances where there are unique items from different vendors/manufacturers that have the same "part number" but a different cage code?

Answer:  Windchill has Supplier Management capabilities we refer to as Suma.  This allows you to create and number a Supplier Part with the same "part number".  Those suppliers can be designated as either Manufacturing or Vendor and relate to your internal part number through a AML/AML linkage.


Webcast Q&A

Question from Joe:  To piggy back off of Patrick's question, can you have multiple BOMs come off one assembly?  Just like different variations can be shown with simplified reps, can multiple BOMs be generated like this from one assembly?

Answer:  No, additional BOMs are created through View Versions in Windchill or MPMLink.

Webcast Q&A

Question from Kevin:  How do we set the default check in folder?

Answer:  In the configuration options for your workspace.

Question from Kevin:  Can the default check in folder be set as a system preference so all users will default to the "Creo" folder in each product for example.

Answer:  Yes you can.  Generally this is done with what we would call an OIR or Object Initialization Rule.  Through this rule, it will direct object types to specific folders in Products.  It removes the users from having to make the decision.

Question from Kevin:  If the CAD assembly associated to the BOM and the item is removed, and the assembly is an instance of a family table, does the remove item get added to the table and suppressed just for that instance?

Answer:  The item that you remove should have already been in the Family table, and I believe it would suppress it as you describe.

Question from Kevin:  Do you have a date for the MPMLink presentation?

Answer:  We did that topic in October.

Webcast Q&A

Question from Michael:  To create Bulk Items like grease, do you need a special license?

Answer:  No, Bulk Items is a type of object on the Create menu in an Assembly.

Question from Michael: Is there a trade-off to having the Bulk Item for things like grease vs. just a WTPpart?

Answer:  No, simply a preference of having design engineers create if or a BOM management person do it in Windchill.




Video timings: 26:00
BOM_Exclude - "YES"/"NO"


How to relate this "BOM_Exclude" parameter value to the structure?



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