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9.0 Apache on Windows Server 2008 R1

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9.0 Apache on Windows Server 2008 R1


Has anyone gotten 9.0 M030 to install on a Windows Server 2008 R1? I now it is not certified but wondering if anyone has done it?

Have a 9.0 M030 Installation that can NOT beupdated... User Profile and Installer/Inst Reg Folders were deleted so no ability to Update... PTC Tech Support attempting to build one from scratch but have been slow to respond on any progress since they took the files last night.
We have a Windows 2008 Server R1 available. Thought I would Classically Rehost. (IE Install a New 9.0 M030 Installation)
But PTC Solution INstaller for 9.0 (With Apache Fails)

"Installation is Aborting
The following logs contain information that may help you....."

You can install 8.0 on Windows 2008 Server (Its been done for updates from 8.0 to 9.1)...

.... can not update and then Rehost (Do to missing files) and can not rehost then update (Since 9.0 M030 will not install on uncertified Windows 2008 Server R1. (Though 9.1 Apache does... PTC Solution INstaller would not recognize for PDMLink install)

Anyone gotten 9.0 Apache to run? Or Built a psi_iir_index.xml from scratch?

1. Account Management Off
2. No Virus Software
3. Firewall Disabled



RE: 9.0 Apache on Windows Server 2008 R1

Not sure about 9.0 but for 9.1 there'san appendix in the rehosting guide called "Rebuilding the Installer Registry Index".

9.0 Apache on Windows Server 2008 R1 :Summary

Hello .

No one had a solution for getting Apache via the 9.0 Solution installer onto a Windows 2008 Server (Uncertified) Installed errors to cryptic, IPv4 versus IPv6 Network conflicts it appears... just could not get the old PTCSI 9.0 M030 to recognize a running Apache if I did it manually.

The solution was the alternative path.

PTC Technical Support rebuilt the psi_iir.xml, from a few requested files. They were very helpful in returning the newly created file in a little more than 24 hours.
The Folder/File Worked, the PTC Solution Installer for 9.1 M060 recognized it and listed everything currently installed. I was able to quickly update to 9.1 M060 on the old "production" server (Itself a workstation with a restored imaged from the crashed production server).

Then was able to rehost 9.1 M060 to the Windows 2008 Servers with only human error slowing me down.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Brian Sullivan