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Anybody attending the PTC Live Global conference in Nashville? Anyone want to have side meeting regarding WTpart structuring from the CAD models?


Anybody attending the PTC Live Global conference in Nashville? Anyone want to have side meeting regarding WTpart structuring from the CAD models?

Does anyone want to have side meeting for further discussion?  Maybe during lunch, break or after last class one day?  Any suggestions how to obtain more info about this subject?

With my company wanting to head down this road, I am hoping to take back some valuable info from the conference.

I do plan to attend the following presentations.

Monday 1-3pm

MOPTCU204 - Techniques for New Assembly Creation Using PTC Windchill

Scott Barkman, PTC.........In this training session, attendees will learn how to create a new assembly in PTC Windchill resulting in an associated bill of materials (BOM) and how to use PTC Creo to associate CAD Models to the Parts. After completing this course, attendees will be able to:

Create a Top Level Product Structure and sublevel structures resulting in a BOM

Monday 5-5:45pm

CUST124 - Linked Data in Real Life: How "Owner Links" Change Everything

Albert Anderson, Solar Turbines Incorporated; David Nelson, Solar Turbines, Inc…………..Is your company considering linking CAD objects to Parts in PTC Windchill? Properly linked BOMs provide powerful benefits and the functionality works well, but the change involved for end users, change managers, and support personnel can be daunting. The presenters will take attendees through the basics of linked data, with real-world perspective on what it takes to transition from a non-linked to a linked data environment. The presentation will include examples of the effort and pitfalls involved, along with examples of the significant benefits once successfully implemented.

Tuesday 1:15-2pm

PART201 Ninja MCAD/ECAD BOM Creation

Scott Claes, Claesdotbiz LLC…………..The automated generation of a Bill of Material from CAD Data is a primary benefit of the PTC Windchill PLM system. The presenters will take you through the steps on how to do this rapidly and efficiently in your organization. Attendees will gain an understanding of what the techniques are to automate generation of WTPARTS in a useful way. Beginning with an MCAD Assembly that includes an ECAD sub assembly, the presenters will generate a complete BOM. This includes driving the ECAD assembly BOM from the Schematic CAD data with the Unified Workgroup Manager. The presenters will also engage in short discussion of New Part Introduction (NPI) Process.

Wed 8:15-9am

CUST305 - Demo of Alcon Change Management Process Using CAD Driven Product Structure

Preeti Gupta, Alcon; Leonard Rodriguez, Alcon……………...This demo presentation will be of the Alcon Change Management Process using CAD Driven Product Structure. The presenters will show live how manipulating CAD Structure in the work space automatically updates the product structure. The presenters will also cover best practices in place and what the challenges are a CAD designer faces to maintain a CAD driven product structure. The CAD driven demonstration will cover the process for creating WTParts for new and existing CADDoc. Defining the WTPart attributes and association types to generate Engineering Bill of Materials (eBOM).


Do want to add further that I did see the Wednesday morning Table Topics Networking Breakfast subject about "Owner-Linking PTC Creo and wtPart Objects".

I feel like that would be valuable information.

Hey Brad,

I am interested in this topic as well.  Hopefully schedules will work out that some of us can get together on this.


CAD / PLM Systems Manager

TriMark Corporation

We are planning to meet around noon on Monday for a side breakout discussion.


I am interested as well.  Will you post a location for your breakout discussion?



I am leaning on the networking lounge area in the exhibit area, not sure if there are some tables in the area.  Brian Toussaint mentioned that he may could breakout his laptop to show a few things.


should be able to join