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Assoicate CAD to WTPart for wires


Assoicate CAD to WTPart for wires

We have some a scenario where we have some wire that we modeled as a single part; however, the BOM on the drawing we want it to say 500mm.  If I do the Auto-Associate as OWNER, it will come in as QTY.1.  Will the other selections (Content/Image/Contributing Content/Contributing Image) allow for the part associated to be populated in the BOm, but allow me to overwrite the Quantity for the Windchill Part (Gear part)?



We aren't using a BULK item since the routing is shown in the CAD.  For example, we may have a drawing with part 12345.prt that defines the drawing; however, we create a 12345-900.prt (900 is out deformed part naming convention) that shows a routed wire or rope or chain, etc.

Then the upper assembly where I would use the BUILD ASSOCIATED PART from WIndchill pulls in the 12345 part, but it always comes in as QTY 1, I would want to update that to say 200mm.

23-Emerald II

Use a repeat region relation for part 12345 that changes the qty to 200 or whatever value you use in that assembly.

IF asm_mbr_number == "12345"

QTY = '200mm"



Yep, I know how to get it correct on the CAD drawing, I'm looking to get it correct in Windchill where we manage the Product Structure.  If I associate the 12345-900.prt to the 12345 Windchill Part as Content or Image, it seems to always want to put 1 as the QTY for the Windchill BOM.  Do I just not associate it then?

It's under the STRUCTURE tab in Windchill. 

Bulk items represent CAD parts that do not require solid models but must be represented in the Bill of Materials (BOM) or in PDM systems (items such as paint or sealant). They can also be items such as fasteners that are used in multiple places in an assembly.Information about the quantity and units of bulk items used in assemblies can be displayed in Windchill as explained in this section.

A parameter defined in Pro/ENGINEER, BOM_REPORT_QUANTITY, contains quantity and unit parameters, used to describe the quantity and unit of quantity for a bulk item (if no unit is explicitly assigned, the system assumes the unit to be "each"). This information is passed to Windchill upon upload (either on the EPMDocument Master or on the EPMMemberLink) and can be displayed in tables showing the Windchill Quantity column.

The part is something like this, where ITEM 1 should be a QTY of 250mm approximately.  Currently, that is ONE model that would come in as QTY 1 (in WINDCHILL.  I know I can make the drawing correct for CREO).

Are you proposing I keep the MODELED part AND attach a BULK item in the assembly, so I would have 12345.prt (BULK) and 12345-900 (depicted routing) in the assembly?

You must have two CAD part in your assembly:

the first CAD part - a model for the cable which not associated with WTPart

the second CAD part - a bulk item for the windchill quantity which associated with a WTPart

By relation you can transmit length from your CAD model to the bulk item BOM_REPORT_QUANTITY parameter.

Thanks, I wish one of the Build Associations had an option to override the QTY for the Windchill Product Structure.  My workaround currently is to NOT relate the -900.prt to anything and just add it manually to the BOM in Windchill.

I appreciate the feedback.

We have a very similar situation at my company.  We create many CAD objects that are 'installed' in a different configuration to provide correct graphics on assemblies.  Cable ties are a common example here. 

Here's what we did.  A WTPart represents the Cable Tie.  It has a CAD object associated with it using the Owner Link.  This CAD object is the Cable Tie in it's normal or relaxed position.  In our system the WTPart is named 033075001, CABLE TIE, SELF-LOCKING, 4" LG. 

Then say in an assembly there are multiple installed configurations of this CAD object.  They  are separate CAD models that are drawn to provide graphical content, but  do not have WTParts and in our system should never have their own WTParts.  In this example the CAD objects are named 033075001 Installed 0.500 in.ipt and 033075001 Installed 0.250 in.ipt .  

However they can be associated with the original Cable Tie WTPart using the Image link.   You do this in the Workspace using the Edit Associations command (you can do this in other places as well).

It seems to work well for us when we use this workflow.  Our BOMs end up with the correct QTY number of Cable Ties and the CAD structure drives it in a consistent manner.  

This isn't exactly about editing Quantity, but perhaps it might assist some folks.

James Hall
PLM Administrator/Analyst
Swisslog Healthcare (North America)
Windchill 11.0 M030
WGM 11.0 M030
Inventor Pro 2017
Windows 10



@JHall We do the same thing also with our cable ties.  It works out well and I do not get any complaints about the quantities being wrong.


This also works for number consolidations when you do not change geometry.  You can take the CREO object that is no longer used and tie it to the correct Windchill part.  This will save in the need to swap out the part in the CREO assemblies.