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Is anyone using BOMCheck and can comment on pros/cons of using?




Hi Laura,

We looked at BOM Check prior to going live, and decided it was not for us. It didn't have the functionality we needed, and we were not going to pay for a tool to allow us to collect data.

We developed an internal tool for collecting data, which gives us the flexibility to add our own exemptions into the mix. Our suppliers have been very happy with this (as have we). We also use a modified version of the publically available SCRIBA tool the government developed. We modified it to allow the application of multiple exemptions for a substance. Like most companies, we do use our own Spec to control additional substances.

PTC has the 1752 builder, which is also free, and is based off the IPC Creator we utilize. I believe there may be an update in the future to this functionality.


H Laura

We are using BOMCheck and are very happy with it. It is from what I have seen the most user friendly user interface to create & manage IPC1752 forms, with high level requests management options. The substances list are update very quickly and tools evolutions are very business oriented as functional requirements are directly managed by users companies. Finally, BOMCheck offers a unique business model: your company will not pay for it, but your suppliers will (300€/yr). So far, it has not been a barrier for our suppliers ; most of them are happy to finally have a tool to manage their declarations.


  • Free
  • large number of material declarations (800 000 so far)
  • Very easy & user friendly interface
  • Support & guidance to fill in substance based on basic questions
  • similar match & mapping functionalities on Supplier names & part numbers
  • fresh & quick updates


  • the only I can think of is the need to be very clear when signing the contract, espacially on how you will promote BOMCheck to your suppliers. A couple of years ago, BOMCheck required to commit to ask all your suppliers to join BOMCheck, now you can have a "campaign" or "risk" approach.

Hi Eric,

We have some folks in China asking us again about BomCheck....

How are you getting the 1752 files from BOMCheck? automated? manual?

What type of files are you getting? Distribute or Request/Reply? Class C, D ?

How are you associating the supplier data you are getting in the 1752 to your companies part?

We have gotten a license to use GDX with our suppliers and GDX has a connector which formats the 1752 XML with our company information in the request/reply format (associates the supplier and part with our part). Does BomCheck have that ability?



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