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Can a CAD Worker also create Thumbnails?


Can a CAD Worker also create Thumbnails?

Windchill 11.1 m020


Can an existing CAD Worker also create thumbnails?


As I currently understand it, CAD Workers create the representations, and by default, send that back to the Windchill Server to create the thumbnail.  (Unless the configuration has been changed.)  

We currently have 6 CAD Workers (all Creo workers), and if my understanding is correct, all six are sending the representations back to the Windchill server to have thumbnails made.  This is causing a backlog and needs to be fixed.   So do thumbnail workers need to be created, or is there a setting or configuration to have the already existing CAD Workers create the thumbnails too?


- marc




Accepted Solutions

The short answer is no.   An existing CAD Worker cannot also create thumbnails.   A separate thumbnail worker has to be used.

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Hi Marc:


Do refer article CS38902  which explains different methods for configuring thumbnail generation, which includes

  • Worker Side
  • Server side
  • Dedicated thumbnail worker. 

You can search for wvs properties mentioned in article for more details & their usage. 

We have used the settings for generating Thumbnails on the worker side from the start, so it definitely works !
You have to tick a couple of boxes - one to install the Creo View Adapter - Thumbnail generator, as well as the CAD application Adaptor(s) during installation on the cadworker machine, and then another one for 'generate thumbnail' in the recipe editor.


I just found my old notes on this topic from when we started testing in v9.0, so I am posting them here now as the answer that is marked right on this thread is, in my opinion, wrong  (since this all still works in v11.0)


Anywhere it says ProductView in these old notes should now be read as CreoView

For Windchill v9.0 and PV-Adaptors v12.0, the KEY information we needed to understand about where to install each of the components, and how they interact was given in the ProductView installation manual, but only in Chapter 111 “Advanced Thumbnail Generator Configuration”, on page 111-4 (p589 of the PDF), even though it should be in an introduction or over-view !!    What it says is shown here :


The equivalent text is shown in Chapter 99 “Advanced Thumbnail Generator Configuration” of the “CreoView MCAD Adapters 1.0 Installation and Configuration Guide”, on p426 in a section called “Configuring the Default Thumbnail Generator “.  The chapter even starts with a note “The instructions in this chapter are intended for advanced users only.”


The thumbnail generator can reside in three places:
• Windchill Server: The standard installation of the ProductView Adapters CD installs the thumbnail generator on the Windchill server (but typically this is only of any use if you are not using a separate CAD-Worker PC).
• Remote: The thumbnail generator can be installed remotely, and the agent.ini file is configured with the appropriate settings. In this case, ProductView uses the remote thumbnail worker instead of the thumbnail generator on the server to generate thumbnails. The remote thumbnail generator is installed from the ProductView Adapters CD onto a machine other than the Windchill server.  WVS will use a thumbnail worker when the property thumbnail.usecadagent is set to true in
• Worker: The thumbnail generator is installed on the worker machine as part of the ProductView Adapters installation. This configuration tells the WVS Loader not to generate thumbnails from the Windchill server.

ie. this is what we wanted to do  !!


There are three ways to generate thumbnails:
• By Worker allows the Worker to generate thumbnails, and is the default configuration. This configuration requires the following settings. Note: These are the default settings.
– thumbnail.byworker.enabled = TRUE (affects all workers on the Windchill server)
– thumbnail.usecadagent = FALSE
Note: For this option to work, thumbnail.byworker must be enabled in ProductView and the thumbnail generator must be installed with the worker.  By default, the thumbnail generator is installed into the worker’s adapter installation directory.  If you do not want a specific worker to generate thumbnails, you must remove pvsthumb from the \bin subfolder of that worker’s adapter installation directory.
• By WVS Loader uses the thumbnail generator configured on the Windchill server. This configuration requires the following settings:
– thumbnail.byworker.enabled = FALSE
– thumbnail.usecadagent = FALSE (pvsthumb runs locally)
Note: Setting thumbnail.byworker.enabled to FALSE applies to all workers across the board. With this setting, no workers will generate thumbnails.
• By WVS Loader - using the CADAgent and a thumbnail worker uses the CAD Agent to generate thumbnails via a remotely configured thumbnail worker. In this scenario, the WVS Loader sends the request to the CAD Agent to generate the thumbnail via a worker that is configured as type THUMBNAIL. This configuration requires the following settings:
– thumbnail.byworker.enabled = FALSE
– thumbnail.usecadagent = TRUE


Viewable & Thumbnail creation by a remote worker will fail unless it is ‘authorised’.  We learnt this with v9.0 when we tried to generate a viewable for a checked-in Pro/E file and it failed.  The solution then, and still is :
(a) to install and use the Thumbnail Generator on the CAD-Worker PC, and
(b) to add a files on the Windchill server :
with one line of content :  auth=wcadmin:wcadmin


Note : the filename is already used OOTB in the file C:\ptc\Windchill_10.0\Windchill\codebase\, where it says :



Make use of the new (since v9.1 M060) option to encrypt password files to improve security, as this line used to be made visible to all users in the Publish Monitor logs !


Some further settings need to be made with xconfmanager to specify this file ( as a setting for use with any other adaptors than Pro/E or Arbortext, as for example, OOTB the entry for SolidWorks only says :


See also the PTC Tech Documents CS48758 (and CS65880, CS36748) for setup of File Sync enabled cadworker for eg. SolidWorks, esp. for the essential cache folder settings.


See the  PTC Tech Documents CS43043, CS52697 & CS52088 for the steps to enable publishing / re-publishing upon state change (eg. Promotion), but limiting multiple republishing when not appropriate.

The short answer is no.   An existing CAD Worker cannot also create thumbnails.   A separate thumbnail worker has to be used.

23-Emerald IV

Like @NickD said, this is definitely not correct.  All of my CAD workers are generating their own thumbnails during the publishing process.  The thumbnails are not being generated by another thumbnail worker or generated on the Windchill server.


I do have thumbnail.usecadagent and thumbnail.byworker.enabled both set to true.

You guys are correct, the information provided to me was incorrect.

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