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Creo View Publishing

23-Emerald II

Creo View Publishing

I have in the past used a separate machine for publishing, but we are now trying to install publishing on the Windchill server itself.

I have Creo 4 m110 installed locally on the Windchill server. Creo 4 will launch.

I have Creo View Adapters 5.1f00 installed locally on the Windchill  server.

I created a SetUp folder under the Creo View load point and got the files saved to it.

GS Worker starts as  a Windows service.


When I run Adapter.pvi, enter the Windchill server name and port 601, Test Server returns this:

Test worker connection to server:-
 Worker type: PROE
 Port:  601
Testing Connection to Server ... Failed:-
 Could not connect to the CADAgent at port 601 of Check the machine name and port number, make sure that the CADAgent is running on the target machine.
Running Windchill Worker Agent Administration and I get a Fails to Start message.
Where do I look for additional information to debug this issue?
Any helpful hints appreciated.
Windchill 11.0 m030 CPS08
Creo 4 M110 on the server, m080 on users machines
CreoView 5.1 f000 adapters, no clients installed yet



Ben, I've never installed the CAD worker on the WC server, but happy to share my suggestions.
- look for a hung Creo quality agent, that will always result in a failed to start with no other messages
- check all the log files in the Creo worker folder to see if there is a typo or something else that is causing the mis-communication
- check the Creo CAD worker configuration from the server to make sure it's tagged as local vs. remote
- there is a PTC cs article on how to ping via port number, but I don't have it handy. U should be able to find it in the PTC kb
- try to run the proeworker.bat from a cmd window to make sure the worker configuration starts as defined

I'm sure there more, but debugging wvs is like a needle in a haystack at times. Good luck!



When worker is running local to the WC server,  there is no use of Worker daemon service.  This may be causing you issues.  I would turn that off or even remove it.  Update your worker setup to use  on WC server.  The wizard will not prompt for worker daemon then,  removing from agent.ini



What's the benefit to publishing on the Windchill server itself? We have ours separated.

23-Emerald II

Limited budget, no additional hardware required.


I do have my original Windchill publishing to a dedicated workstation. Cannot use this as it is on a secured network.

We are setting up 2 additional instances of Windchill on the low side network. As one of these instances is for a contract company, we want to do the publishing on their server. The other new instance is for our internal work and again we want to do the publishing on the Windchill server.


I do suppose if I had to request a dedicated workstation for low side publishing there are some machines available, as I just got a new workstation late last year. If I cannot get the server publishing to work I may consider this in a few weeks when the need for CreoView published files becomes an issue.

Generally recommend workers on separate machines to remove the overhead of running a CAD application on Windchill server.  It does simply things as there is no worker daemon required.....or a method for a shared location to pass files back and forth.


Really depends on your specific needs.  A very small Windchill installation with small data sets, few users and limited publishing needs might be fine with CAD worker on Windchill server,  as long as hardware is sized properly


Most customers have much larger data,  larger number of users, heavier publishing requirements and desire flexibility to scale workers as needed,  thus we always recommend separate systems for CAD workers in Production environments



when you configure worker make sure 


 Server: -> this is the windchill server hostname. 
 Port:  601 -> this is port that worker uses to communicate with windchill. Default value is 5600. You can find actual value in agent.ini file. (Refer CS126358)


When you configure worker on same machine where windchill is installed then:

  • You do not need WorkerDemon service as well you do not need FTP configuration. 
  • As described in help document (Refer here ), "The Worker Agent Configuration test is not be successful unless the worker.exe.whitelist.prefixes property is configured as described above". To add it to white listing follow instructions defined in "Enhanced Security Measures in Worker Configuration" (Refer Article for more details CS140965)