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Deleted object history?

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Deleted object history?

Once an object has been deleted from WC is there a way to verify that it ever existed? For instance, a user claims that they checked in an object but it was deleted. How would one verify or disprovethat claim? Thanks.


Deleted object history?

Hi Pete,

Do you have any old database backups that you can check?

Also, going forward, you can turn on event tracking for different actions
such as Delete. This won't help with your current deleted parts but would
give you delete information moving forward. These events can then be
audited using Site > Utilities > Security Audit Reporting.

Hope this helps,

Zachary D. Alexander
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ProductSpace Solutions Inc.
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RE: Deleted object history?

Objects are deletet from the database directly after deletion, I don’t see a way to check it or recover it from server side.

However there are methods to check/recover the client side cache:

  1. Download and installWC File Recovery Utility.

  • Note: Requires account/login to access this tool. This is a 3rd Party tool, users utilizing theWC File Recovery Utilityassumes all responsibility for any and all results in its use.

  1. Copy <recovered cache=">\*.wfcont to a directory

  2. RunWC File Recovery Utility

  3. Browse to directory with utility and recover files

Warm Regards

Guilherme Rocha - Tech Consultant

PLM Solutions do Brasil

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Deleted object history?

I've written a java class that listens for delete events and then logs the file name and external vault location to an Oracle table. This way if someone accidentally deletes a file I will be able to locate it within the external file vaults.

Of course once I run "remove unreferenced files" the external vault file will be deleted.

And if the user claims they didn't delete it I can prove they did.
Jim Van Dragt
PLM Architect
Information Technology